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A Sit Down With DJ Boris Brejcha

14:40 Feb/27/2018

Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. He was educated playing drums and keyboard which had been a perfect schooling for the following chapter - producing and performing electronic dance music. A former electronic radio show on Radio RPR MAXIMAL RPR1 piques his curiosity of this new and exciting kind of music that he fell in love with. From this time he began to express his creativity with his computer and with one of the first Cubase versions.


"Keep things away to get a better sound."

How did you come to electronic music?

My first contact with electronic music is way back. A classmate brought a "Thunderdome" double CD in the music lessons. There I was still a little boy who sang before only mainstream of the phrase "First General Uncertainty" and "David Hasselhoff". I quickly enjoyed this new music. So I went from hardcore to rave to trance and wondered how to make this kind of music.

You actually played your first ever gig in Brazil. Why did it end up being there, rather than in your native Germany?

Actually, I don’t really know. I mean I couldn’t ever imagine that after releasing my first EP just one month later I'd be playing on the other side of the planet. It's crazy. The promoter from Brazil told me, Boris you need to come, a lot of DJs are playing your tracks in the clubs. I'd just released two tracks! It's impressive how far music can go without any merchandise. In general, Germany was really late to my music. I've been DJing for ten years now and Germany started getting into me about two years ago. I'm also quite big there now.

How do you think electronic music will evolve in 25 years?

That's true. Electronic music is currently represented everywhere. And I think that will remain so in the future, because it is simply the most innovative and constantly evolving. For comparison, a guitar or a drums can develop badly. How it will fundamentally change in the distant future is hard to say. Sound technically, I guess, there will not be that much anymore. At least I can not currently imagine any sounds that did not exist. I think one of the most important topics would be to install in clubs not only "monster" systems but rather to tune them to the club, the room acoustics. Because what brings you a sinfully expensive function One plant if the room acoustics is shitty. And that affects 90% of the world's clubs. I think that's always a shame. When I hear my songs in my studio at home, you can hear every detail and the sound is super crisp. In the clubs on the weekends then rather less.

Do you prefer playing festivals or clubs shows ?

I like both but I think I would prefer small clubs. Because then, you are really close to your fans and the atmosphere is intense. I love that.

Can you still remember your first festival that you played on? What was it and how did you experience it?

I will remember that all my life. This was the Universio Paralelo Festival in Bahia (Brazil) - a 7 day festival right on the beach. It was also the first time I flew overseas so the experience was twice as great. There were many complications, as I played with a laptop at that time and it has constantly crashed due to the very humid weather. But luckily everything went well in the end and I had a very good first festival.

What equipment do you use to hang up?

For my DJ premiere I used a rickety laptop with the program Traktor DJ Studio 2 as well as a controller, where I always stuck my fingers between the single pots. After five or six gigs, the devices went down and I switched to CDs. I have never done a professional release on Vinyls because in 2006, I think the vinyl age was over.

To you, where would be the difference between Minimal Techno and High- Tech Minimal ?

I guess everybody knows Minimal and Techno. But as for me – my tracks are not 100% Minimal and of course not 100% Techno. That’s why I decided to create a new genre. In my tracks there are a lot of elements like Techno, Electro and I also use a lot of melodies. It is like a mix of everything. Actually, I don’t really like to put my music in any genre. I guess everything is electronic music. But the people (fans) like to do that. And that’s why I created it.

Besides music, what are your hobbies?

I play soccer, go swimming and i like to work with the programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. And some Video Programs. I was programming my own website for example. I also did all the videos on my YouTube channel. For me it a great hobby besides the music production and DJing. Going to the cinema is also a big hobby for me. I think you need to watch good films on a big screen with a nice sound.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that isn't currently public knowledge...

Well, actually I'm a little shy... It takes time for me to get warm to other people. I am also addicted to coffee.

How did you come up with the idea of ??wearing a mask when performing abroad? Does this have a symbolic meaning for you and will you also wear it at your gigs in Germany?

That had happened at that time, since my very first appearance was in Brazil. At that time I thought, I would have to stand out with all the other DJs somehow. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro came to my mind and I bought a mask. Today the Joker mask is my trademark. From the beginning I wear them every time. So always in Germany. It's just a part of it and I think, combined with my music, it has a very special, mystical touch.

How would you describe the German scene of electronic music from your point of view?

For me this is a hard question. I am from Germany but i am not so much into the electronic scene. I know that the main scene is in Berlin. Everybody is talking about Berlin...Berlin. A lot of musicians are living there and actual the German music scene DJ's are playing too much House music for me. I really cannot get this style of sound. I don't like, when there is a short vocal loop playing the whole 6 minutes in the track. This music is not really an inspiration for me. I can say...i hate this. I also don't like to hear so much music from other producers. Not because i don't like it. I think it is not really helpful for my sound to have too much influences. Keep things away to get a better sound.


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