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A Sit Down With DJ Prok&Fitch

14:20 Feb/27/2018

Before joining forces eight years ago, Ben Prok and James Fitch, better known as Prok & Fitch, have established themselves as one of the leading pioneers in techno. Constantly producing Beatport Top 10’s, managing their own blooming label Floorplay Music, and destroying clubs worldwide with their charming, and seductive sound.


"We never make the same record twice, every record is a fresh approach. I think in order to stand out, you have to have a lot of music that no one else has."


Tell us about your new remix – how different are they from an original 12”? Do you have any rules?

Yeah it’s quite different to the original a little more slamming and for slightly darker rooms. We’ve never seen the point of a remix that’s too similar to the original record, it needs to have a different angle and appeal to a different crowd. With this remix we wanted to make something a bit more track that we can play in the peak of our sets, the reactions have been great on the dance floor, and it’s also picked up some great DJ support.
Generally we don’t stick to a formula when remixing a record, we like our productions to keep evolving and never too similar, we tend to go through the parts picking elements we’re Into and then get creative, the end result often turns out completely different to what we were initially expecting.

How does it feel knowing you have multiple tracks released on some of the techno’s hottest labels

We've worked really hard to get our music to where it is now. It's been an interesting journey but we really feel like we've found our place and releasing the music you're truly passionate about on your favorite labels is something we're very proud of.

Work/life balance - something that many people struggle with in so many different lines of work. Would you say this is particularly hard to achieve as DJs?

Yes it’s so important to attempt to get the right balance, and can be quite a challenge at times. It’s a fair bit tougher for DJ’s as we’re generally working when our mates & families are on down time, that’s the toughest bit when you tend to miss out on a lot of social stuff with your friends and family. We do often try to fly in & out of gigs as quick as possible so we can spend as much time at home as possible, its important to keep that balance and focus.

What’s the creative process like when you two are in the studio? Are there times when you are pulling in different directions, and if so, how do you come to a middle ground?

We always base new tracks around a hook, whether it’s a bass line, lead or a sample. We often get these ideas when we’re on the road, and then develop them when we’re back home in the studio. It’s a major benefit having two of us in the studio, we’re rarely stuck for ideas and have a very health work flow. Obviously sometimes there can be a difference’s in opinions, but we always try both ideas, and the tracks always end up being stronger because of this. Often the finished product will end up being a combination of the two ideas.

You’ve had some very strong releases recently. ‘Rhyme for Rhyme’ and before that ‘Tears’ – both released on Coyu’s label Suara. Can we expect more releases through the label? How did the link-up with Coyu and his label come about?

We'd been big fans of both Coyu & Suara for quite a few years, and it was always a label that we aspired to release on. With the success of our earlier 2015 Toolroom releases, a few doors had opened with regards to putting music on other significant labels. Coyu was pretty specific he loved "One Of These Days" and wanted to release something similar. With that in mind we spent a lot of time in the studio working on an idea that later became "Tears", it was slightly on more of a house vibe than our previous Toolroom releases and it seemed to be the perfect fit for Suara, and thankfully became one of the biggest selling records of the year, we’ve now got a great relationship with Coyu and the guys at Suara so I’m sure we will feature on the label again in the future.

How much do your own personalities shine through in the music? What are those personalities? Are you similar or different?

We’ve never thought of that but guess in someway they do, our breaks are strong and defined, which shows James’s personality, while our beats are more understated which leans more to Ben.

Your selection for the new Toolroom Live 02 compilation is really energetic. With this mix, was the intention to give the listener an audible experience similar to the energy that you bring in the clubs?

We wanted the whole mix to reflect what we’re personally into, and what you can expect us to play if you’re listening to us live. From the slightly deeper grooves, to the more banging main room tracks. Toolroom Live 02 is definitely a true representation of where we are musically at the moment, and what you can expect to hear from us going forward.

Have you always been on the same page as to your musical tastes and inspirations?

Mutually Todd Terry has been our biggest influence in terms of music production, he’s an absolute legend & is responsible for some of the biggest house records ever made. Well before meeting we were both hammering Todd’s records & his grooves still inspire us today as much they did back then. While we both love house music, we do have slightly different tastes, James’s routes stem from more peak time house, whilst Bens more on the deeper side, so it’s a good mixture when we bring this together.

If you could collaborate with anyone outside the dance music realm who would it be and why?

We'd definitely have to choose Nina Simone, the soul in her voice coupled with our beats and grooves would be a match made in heaven.

What’s your favorite nightclub performing at in the world?

That's another tough question as there's so many but one clearly stands out for us and always will, the Terrace at Space in Ibiza.


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