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A Sit Down With DJ Liquid Soul

14:06 Feb/21/2018

LIQUID SOUL became a worldwide sensation for his distinctive sound signature. A sound that can be best described as masterfully capturing emotion through the perfect use of uplifting melodies which manages to intelligently fuse elements of Trance and Psychedelic Trance. These unique qualities have simply set LIQUID SOUL apart from the pack, making him one of the most desirable artists in the business today.


"I'm just going to play my own music, my own productions. I want to present my sound to the people. Although I obviously can not know how it will go, but we just try it."


Where and how did the musical journey begin, how old were you?

I guess I always felt the music deep inside me. In my young years I was very into heavy metal and my favourite band was Metallica. When I turned 14 years old (1993) I spent time with some friend and one showed me some “trance music“and i got totally infected by this. I even remember which song I heard first. It was Odyssey of Noise – Fire dancer, an amazing tune. From this moment I became a trance lover until today. 1 year later I started DJ’ing and around 1996 I started my first productions. In 2001 I discovered the psy/prog trance and Liquid Soul was born.

Which country do you reside in and your favourite club or festival?

One of my favourite places at the moment is Israel. There is an amazing energy on the dance floors. Also I feel that the number of prog-trance lovers have increased in India and I feel a great vibe on the dance floor. The best festival of 2011 was defiantly OZORA 2011 in Hungary. It was just incredibly amazing to see how 30,000 people became one. I was the lucky one who played the last set of the festival and I was so deeply, emotionally touched that I will never forget those moments.

You have been around for a while now traveling the world, and sharing your music with the masses. What can you say was the biggest highlight you can recall?

My personal highlight was O.Z.O.R.A. 2011, when i closed the main-stage with almost 40,000 people in front of me who become one! the vibe & emotions were just mind-blowing!

How did Progressive Trance become your calling card, any early influences?

Trance is my pure passion and I am sure it will always be. My biggest influence in the 90`s came from Armin Van Buuren. In the year 2001 I discovered the psy side of trance and got influenced by Atmos and Astrix at first…

There are so many great artists you have collaborated with. Are there any new collab releases in the pipeline?

Yes there are! There is a Liquid Soul & Coming Soon track almost done and another follow up together with Captain Hook is in work.

Your sets are all top notch. When it comes to preparing for a set, what are some of your techniques?

Thank you! I usually prepare some tracks before the gig in Rekordbox, make a folder with new tracks I got and of course, some of my own tracks which I wanna play. But when I perform it’s mostly all freestyle as I check the reaction of the crowd in real time and decide which track I will play next.

How did you get infected with the Progressive PSY Virus?

I got forced from a good friend to visit a Goa open air party in Switzerland and I truly got infected after a long and funny night. I fell love with the freedom of the music after being active in the euro trance scene for almost 10 years already.

You have a Beatport award and Best Dj winner at Ibiza’s prestigious Dj Awards ceremony in recent times, as a producer what is that one quality you like bringing to your tracks?

It’s hard to say, but what I found out is that I spend much more time in producing a track than most of the other artists, but maybe it’s because I am just very slow. I always try to have a message and a concept for each track and spend a lot of time for details. But in the end I convert my emotions and feelings into my productions. I feel we have lost out a little on the essence of the “good feeling“musical experience. So the greatest thing is when I see people really feel, fly and smile when I play my songs.

You have produced a multitude of tracks. What is your most favorite track you have produced? And what is your least favorite?

My all time favorite is “Devotion“. It’s already 9 years old but it still has the true vibes and message that I want to spread, and in my view its a timeless one. It’s hard to choose a least favourite track as I always try to keep my sound true to myself, so I like them all.

Tell us about your studio set-up. Which software, controllers, synthesizer, speakers do you use to produce your tracks?

-For producing I use
– sequencer: Logic & Ableton.
– hardware: Virus TI, Nordrack 2, Xoxbox (Tb-303 clone), Spark, Korg M3, NI Maschine, Waldorf Q, Microkorg, Korg nanokontrol.
– speakers: Adam A77X
– softsynths & Fx: Logic synths, Sylenth, Vengeance plugs, Spectrasonics plugs, Fabfilter plugs and Z3ta etc., and everything from Native Instruments.

Which production of yours was the most challenging for you and why?

I guess it was the remix i did to Paul Van Dyk vs. Jordan Suckley – City of Sound. It was a big challenge to transform an uplifting trance track written by two legends into the psychedelic side of trance. It took me quite a while to find the way, but I guess i nailed it!


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