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A Sit Down With DJ Talla 2XLC

15:59 Feb/09/2018

German based producer, Andreas Tomalla, or as we know him, Talla 2XLC, has done a lot more than just produce amazing music for listeners worldwide. His extensive background in the scene reaches far past that. His music career started in the 80’s and never slowed down from there. From the famous Technoclub in Germany to his co-founded label Tetsuo, to playing last year at the timeless stage at Dreamstate USA, all the accomplishments in between, he only continues to grow and gain more trance fans along the way. Talla 2XLC can be considered a legend in the industry we know today.


"Stay true to yourself, try to be unique. Be open for inspiration, but don’t copy."


How did you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place and how did you get into DJing and music production?

Oh wow, now i have to write a book for you, if explain that exactly. But i´ll to keep it shorter. In the late 70s when i was a little boy, i became aware, there is a sound which is not made by natural instruments. But it took some time until i went to my first "Kraftwerk" Concert in 1981, in the old opera venue in my home town Frankfurt. When i heard "We are the Robots" live, i became addicted to electronic music. Kraftwerk were the first Technoband, they made this music cool, before it was all disco or ambient. At that time i dj´ed on a sunday afternoon at our local dancing school. We played all kinds of music, but i started to include more and more electronic tracks until the boss threw me out. So i started my own event in 1984 and named it "Technoclub" Meanwhile i met a classmate, he had a few synthiemachines and we started to produce together. One of my first projects "Moskwa TV" was very quickly a big indie hit in Germany, France, USA etc. Since then i dj, produce, do events and radio shows until today.

Who is your current favourite trance producer?

Internationally, I like John Askew very much, from Germany Cold Blue, Lostly, and Darren Porter. (Lostly and Darren live in Germany now). All of them are really talented. I love their music and play them a lot.

We notice your material is all over the likes of Beatport. Despite an overwhelming online presence in terms of vinyl sales, have you bowed and come round to the idea of digital/MP3 sales?

Yeah vinyl sales are pretty shitty… I remember in the 90s when we sold 9–10.000 vinyl of our tunes. You can’t stop the digital revolution… you can just try to use it. The music industry overslept it. Legal downloads help a bit to solve the loss but the main problem is that most of the trance lovers don’t want to pay for the tunes. They´re all computer specialists , they know how to rip. I think sometimes the internet is more a curse than a blessing. But complaining changes nothing. You have to work quicker , work more , work harder. I´m not a clairvoyant — we just have to arrange use with the web and try use it positively for us.

What with all this going, it’s surprising you’ve got the time to step outside Germany. However, you play a huge part in Gatecrasher’s events in the UK don’t you? That must be very fulfilling?

I love to play abroad, I love the UK crowd — they always welcome me with open arms and ears! Travelling is no stress, but it can be when the flights are over 10 hours. But still then when the party rocks, my stress disappears.
The only thing which can make me annoyed is bad technical equipment! I hate bad monitors or mixers with knobs like in some USA clubs.

You play and produce uplifting & progressive Trance. How would you describe your own music in just a few words?

I love "melodies", so my tracks can be hard, crazy, banging but they´re always a bit melodic. And since i focused last year on uplifting beats from 138 to 140, the energy is kicking.

You’ve got a weekly show on Germany’s Sunshine Live Radio haven’t you? How’s all that going?

The show is doing great. It’s not like those small internet only shows. Sunshine Live is the biggest dance channel (aired over antenna, cable, satellite and web) in Germany. And since I started the weekly 2 hours show the amount of listeners is rising every week. At present I have app. 85,000 (!) listeners every Thursday from all over Germany, but it’s also heard by fans in Australia, America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and more.

You’re renowned for the Technoclub compilations too, but you’ve also mixed albums for the likes of Sony haven’t you? Are their any more imminent compilations?

Nice that you ask! Right now I’m in the production for the coming new Technoclub compilation. After leaving the big majors, I’ll go now with Rough Trade, which is the biggest indie-distribution. They´ll understand the music and how to handle it. The majors have squeezed out the techno scene and left it lying on the ground. With an indie label I’m much more flexible. Vol. 20 will be called: Talla 2XLC vs. Marc van Linden and the release is scheduled for June 2nd.

What would you say makes you stand out from other current Trance producers?

I like to produce the old way. Having tracks you remember already at the beginning and not just after half was playing. There a so many tracks which sound the same, because they use always the same structure and just put some new pieces on top. I don´t like that. Check out my SoundCloud, you will hear what I mean and why my sound is different.


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