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A Sit Down With DJ Euphonik

14:54 Jan/25/2018

DJ Euphonik is one of South Africa’s most loved Media Personalities. From DJ to Producer, to Radio Presenter and TV host, he has managed to scale heights most people can only dream off. All down to his drive, he is only getting started as he continues to build his global brand.

He has been included in the Mail & Guardian Top 300 young South African, at the age of 27, Dj Euphonik has already achieved much more than most of his peers. Born in Nelspruit but raised in Benoni, Dj Euphonik has been in the industry for more than a decade or rather half his life and he is still growing bigger everyday.


"I always dream so big that I have to hold myself back at times but right now I’m chasing an international career."


Tell us about your background.

I was born in Mpumalanga and then my parents moved to Benoni when I was like 2 years old.

What makes Dj Euphonik unique?

There is nothing that really makes me super unique, I just do what I love and love what I do all the time. If you spend every day of your life doing the same thing it is bound to be something.

Every artist has that personal feel on his/her project, from this album what specific songs would you say are close to you heart?

Every single song on the project is special. Like I said its not an easy task starting off with 60 odd tracks and having to come all the way down to the perfect 16. So what I do is I ask myself why with each and every song on the album.

Your talent is...

Being a people’s person and always being able to relate to all races and age groups. It’s not so much a talent but it’s a necessary skill for all business and human relations. You need to be open-minded, understanding and willing to learn about other people and their likes and dislikes without taking any offense to it.

What would surprise people the most about your work?

I think my work ethic. My train of thoughts and the way I analyse things. It's not the way people think. Just from looking at it from outside looking in, people have a particular perception of who and how I am, and it's nothing like they could fathom.

What inspired the FTLOF6 album and what inspired the timing to release this album at this moment?

It`s party time and festive season so every year around this time I drop what I look at as the sound track to summer of that year.

The music industry is a tough industry to be in and has many challenges, what challenges have you come across?

Getting into music is easy but to maintain and keep focus once you are in is a totally different story. I always tell people not to put too much pressure on themselves. I don’t do anything unless I am totally comfortable with it.

Looking back, is there a moment in your career you’d approach differently?

Absolutely not! Everything I've done I did because I wanted to do them. Even if it's something I didn't wanna do...it's stuff that has helped me become who I am. It's carved and shaped me into the human being that I am today. If some of those hadn't happened, I would probably be a different guy.

If you could write a book for your fans about your journey in the industry, what would be the title and why?

I don't know...maybe it would be self titled. Call it Euphonik, because that's what it's about. Or maybe...A Pleasant Sound, because that's what my name means.

Future plans?

In Business and music what more can we expect from Euphonik especially that we are stepping into thenew year in a few more days?Just loads of hard work and innovation.


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