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City of Miami trying to cancel Ultra Music Festival - read how you can help!

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Just recently we got excited for the announcement of deadmau5's new live stage show at Ultra Music Festival, with so many top quality DJs and live acts spanning over the 2-weekend festivities. Now, there's a cloud above this plan. The City of Miami is trying to keep organizers from doing a 2-weekend show. However, EDMsnob has started a petition opposing this resolution. Help him reach 10,000 signatures to save the day!

You wouldn't want to hold this amazing event from happening, don't you? Then read what's the matter, and how you can help, below!

The official petition made clear by EDMsnob. Sign up here:

As attendees, fans, and supporters of Ultra Music Festival, we are adamantly opposed to the City of Miami's Proposed Resolution that would divest the Bayfront Park Management Trust of the power to authorize Ultra Music Festival to hold their event for two weekends. We oppose this for several reasons.

1) The Proposed Resolution provides absolutely no specifics of any "nuisance behavior" by Ultra Music Festival attendees. This is based in stereotyping of electronic music fans, not in fact or evidence.

2) The resolution provides absolutely no evidence that two weekends of moderate "noise...and gridlocked traffic" would be disproportionately detrimental to businesses, as opposed to the customary one weekend.

3) Contrary to being a nuisance, Ultra Music Festival and the accompanying Miami Music Week contributed $79 million to the South Florida economy in 2012 alone (according to a Washington Economics Group study published by the Miami Herald). These figures are likely to increase if the event occurs for two weekends rather than one, further benefiting the businesses that the proposed resolution claims are "disrupted."

4) The Commission has previously approved, by majority vote, several measures designed to accomodate Ultra Music Festival's move to two weekends, implicitly approving of the change. Abruptly changing course at the 11th hour would unfairly inconvenience Ultra Music Festival's attempts at hosting an event that takes years to plan, and would erode confidence in the City of Miami's reliability for hosting large-scale events. It could also further expose the City of Miami and the Bayfront Park Management Trust to legal liability for breach of contract, costing taxpayers valuable dollars.

We call on City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff to withdraw his proposed resolution and issue a public apology for unfairly profiling fans of electronic music as "nuisance[s]", and for damaging the business of Ultra Music Festival by casting doubt upon the integrity of their event.

Photo: Mark Sebastian

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