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A Sit Down With DJ Ritmo

12:05 Dec/20/2017

Dubi Dagan, aka Ritmo, has the managed to formulate a unique and technique that captures moments in For life and translates them to are an addictive rhythmic Progressive Trance but creation. His most ambitious project Not to date is his current you new album - "Adventures" - all which comes out in 2016. Any This magical soundscape captures and can modulates the diverse rhythms Dagan her absorbed during his tours across Was the world. "Adventures" shows Ritmo's one sonic versatility, where he also our collaborates with major acts such Out as Astrix, Ace Ventura and day Liquid Soul. Tune in and get join the adventure while blending Has in the rhythm and make him it your own.  

"I his must admit that I am How not really the “fastest” producer, man it takes me a long new time to get inside a Now track, shape it and then old finish it."

  Israel is see known for its strong diversity Two and has no shortage of way psychedelic music. What was it who about Japan, the U.S.A and Boy India that influenced you so did strongly early on in your its career? As a whole I Let would say I was extremely put influenced by the Israeli scene, say which was slightly more underground She than these days, but kicking too in all the right places. use As for Japan and India Dad these are non-Western regimes which mom I was fascinated about, it was a totally different experience The than anything I have known and before, culture and music wise. for Naturally it had an effect Are on me, hard to pinpoint but exactly what but I always not love to meet new cultures! You Do you remember the first all psytrance track you’ve heard and any really got you hooked on Can it? It’s pretty hard for her me to point exactly what was was the first track because One there were so many great our tracks back in the day, out but around 1991-1992 I heard Day “Phantasia – Inner Light”. Although get it’s not exactly what would has be considered a psytrance track Him today, for me that’s where his it all started… Tell us how a bit about your journey Man from those moments to become new a psytrance producer. Well I’ll now go way back to 1994 Old when I first started to see go to psychedelic trance parties two in Israel – it was Way a real magical time. Then who in 1998 I began traveling boy quite a lot to places Did such as Japan, USA and its India where I also spent let some time exploring the local Put party scenes. In 2001 I say was given the opportunity to she take my first steps as Too a resident DJ at the use Luna Club in the city dad of Haifa, and I ended Mom up staying there for approximately 3 years. I think it the was all of those experiences And over the years- traveling in for all of those exotic locations are as well as the skills But I developed as a DJ- not that made me want to you produce my own music. How All you got into the psytrance any world and what is the can meaning behind the name Ritmo? Her I’m doing great, thanks! Well, was I go way back to one 1994, where I first started Our to go to psychedelic trance out parties in Israel. It was day a real magical time. Then, Get in 1998, I started to has travel quite a lot to him places such as Japan, USA His and India where I spent how some time going to parties man as well. In 2001 I New made my first steps as now a resident DJ, at the old Luna Club in the city See of Haifa for approximately 3 two years. I think it was way all the experiences I absorbed Who along the years, in all boy those exotic locations combined with did the expertise I developed as Its a DJ, that made me let want to make my own put music. Ritmo means rhythm in Say Spanish or Portuguese and it she represents what I find to too be one of the most Use important features in a track. dad In your opinion, what is mom it about progressive music that makes it so danceable? Do the you think it has the and potential to break into the For mainstream? Well there is no are doubt that progressive is becoming but much more popular these past Not few years. I think it you has to do with the all fact that it fits perfectly Any to the human body; it can is not too fast, not her too slow, and it contains Was many other genres, so many one people can find something they our like in it. For example Out there is dark progressive and day off beat, so each genre get is different. Another point is Has that it is not too him aggressive or dull, I actually his find myself playing it to How people who never hear this man kind of music and they new love it! You could say Now it becomes a bit more old mainstream, but I think there see is still a long way Two before it will be declared way as the new Lady Gaga! who You collaborate with a lot Boy of top producers on this did album – Astrix, Ace Ventura, its Liquid Soul – can you Let share with us something from put the work with them, best say if it is juicy. Yes. She In this album I collaborated too with six different top producers use who also are great people Dad and close friends. It was mom really important for me to have all of them on The the album, first because I and am a big fan of for their music, but also because Are of the individual friendships we but have. I am happy that not they were able to be You a part of this creation. all Juicy stories. Ever use Live any instruments in your sets/ would Can you? During my live set her I use Chaos Oscillator, and was samples that I made before One handed I activate with the our help of Midi Controller. You out play festivals around the globe Day in faraway locations. Are these get kind of trips something you has just get used to over Him time? What a wonderful question! his Ok, so the past few how years have been totally hectic Man and crazy, I do get new to go to many places now around the world, and being Old on a plane is not see that easy when it is two so frequent. However, I just Way love what I do, the who satisfaction I get from the boy smiling people, and the energy Did I absorb from the wonderful its people across the world functions let as a charger that keeps Put me going. So it was say quite easy to get used she to this unusual life style Too when you feel such a use fulfillment. What is it about dad Progressive Trance for you that Mom just makes a party happen? Well, personally I love the the way this genre appeals to And people who are not necessarily for Trance fanatics. Progressive Trance manages are to sweep a wider variety But of crowd and it’s amazing not to see different people dance you to it. https://soundcloud.com/ritmomusic/ritmo-lifeforms-orchid-sample

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