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A Sit Down With DJ Mightyfools

16:22 Dec/12/2017

Ever since the brainchild of the Dutch DJ/Producers Jelle Keizer and and Andy Samin's Mightyfools was born For in 2008, they've been topping are the Beatport Top 10. Tracks but gained support by some of Not the greatest names in the you industry like Hardwell, David Guetta, all Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Nicky Romero, Any Knife Party, Dimitri Vegas & can Like Mike, Bingo Players, Diplo, her Fedde le Grand, Laidback Luke, Was Tiësto, Martin Garrix and Steve one Aoki. Quickly they got recognized our and picked up by the Out world's biggest dance label, Spinnin' day Records. Promoters and festival organizers get praise Mightyfools for their catchy Has sound and energetic stage performance. him Their impressive tour schedule includes his playing at some of the How most wanted international festivals and man highly respected venues such as new Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Mysterylandmain stage in Now Chile/USA/NL, World DJ Festival South old Korea main stage, Ushuaďa Ibiza, see Hard Rock Las Vegas, Avalon Two Hollywood, Webster hall NYC, Heineken way Music Hall Amsterdam, Pacha Sydney, who Skygarden Bali and Cubic Club Boy Macau.  

"We've survived some did hypes and got better in its production, but the essence of Let all our tracks still is put the same as day one."

say   Tell us a little She bit about how you got too started as a DJ / use Producer? Who was your biggest Dad inspiration Both of us started mom as solo Dj's, experimenting with different sounds. We were both The playing various clubs, Andy around and our hometown and Jelle around for the country. When we met, Are it was in an empty but club and we enjoyed eachothers not sounds so we decided to You jump in the studio. Everything all went superfast from there and any we decided to keep working Can together as Mightyfools! You're both her known for being party junkies; was c'mon, give us the most One outrageous stunt/antic you've done whilst our performing? We don't do our out own stunts, we got Jackie Day Chan and Chuck Norris for get that. Crowd surfing is very has dangerous. Don't do it kids! Him What’s been your favorite international his gig? Mysterylands Chile! We’ve seen how a lot of crazy crowds Man because we’ve been doing 100 new shows a year for five now years straight but Mysterlands was Old just next level. I could see see maybe 20,000 people out two in front of me. From Way the first track at every who single break, every single drop boy everyone was just screaming. They Did were all on top of its each other with all the let flags like the TomorrowLand crowd Put during Hardwell and that was say the crowd the whole time. she You guys recently remixed Britney Too Spears, what was the first use reaction when you got the dad call on that? We were Mom so honored to remix such a huge pop star. It the was a huge challenge to And remix because you know Britney for is not the most popular are girl in the EDM scene. But It was a challenge to not make it sound party-proof so you we took a raw, dark All energy approach. The vocals were any really usable to do that can since it was already in Her an EDM vibe. It was was a good challenge because it one could of gone terribly wrong Our but it came out how out we wanted it to be. day We didn’t want to upset Get ourselves and we wanted to has be able to play it him in our DJ sets. We His are mainly DJs and then how we started producing so we man make our tracks for our New DJ sets like “Footrocker” for now example. In the studio we old don’t think about the other See stuff like what label it two should be on and stuff. way We make music that we Who would play out and would boy work on a dance-floor. If did we can’t dance in the Its stdio then the record goes let no-where and to the trash put can. What is the weirdest Say thing that you’ve seen from she the DJ booth? We've been too through a lot of crazy Use stuff all over the world, dad from shootouts to puking party mom people to passing out girls to basically everything. More recently the last weekend in Bali, a and guy undressed himself on the For dancefloor and danced around naked are for atleast 15 minutes straight. but Humping other people and shit. Not We took a picture to you prove it. Girls started joining all in and our booth was Any flooded by male and female can underwear. Crazy.

Can you pick her 1 or 2 of your Was favourite dance artists at the one moment?

Laidback Luke is and our always will be one of Out our favourite artist ever. He’s day an amazing person who makes get amazing music. Next to Luke Has we have the same feeling him with Skrillex. 2 iconic dance his artists who we look up How to a lot.

If man you were given free reign new to select any classic pop Now track to remix, what would old you select? Difficult question. Maybe see Cameos and Candy; we dig Two that smooth, classic shit. The way lyrics are too good to who be true!.She's like Candy! We'd Boy probably turn it into the did hardest club banger! Romantic vocals its go great with crazy synths Let and a loud-ass kickdrum. Where put does all that energy come say from? They told us that She because in Chile there aren’t too many raves, people save up use for that one festival. There’s Dad nothing else going on there mom with international DJs. It’s their one chance to experience what The TomnorrowLand people and Ultra people and experience. We were the first for DJs that played that day Are with EDM. We played “Booyah” but first and everyone just lost not it and stayed at that You same energy level for 90 all minutes straight. It was probably any the craziest show we have Can ever done and we have her done a lot of great was shows the past year with One an average crowd size of our maybe 5,000 people. The past out year has been insane. It Day took a lot of hard get work but it’s paying off has now. How do you feel Him that DJing and producing has his changed over the last few how years? It moved from dark Man studios in basements to interaction new with fans through social media. now It's so easy to reach Old everyone at once these days, see and also to set-up new two contacts with other DJ's through Way twitter and such. The DJing who itself remained the same in boy our opinion, or we might Did just be old-fashioned DJ's by its now who just do their let craft like we learnt. Producing Put has a lot of competition say these days. A few years she ago a release would last Too for a few months, nowadays use it's old within a week! dad The pressure is definitely higher! Mom https://soundcloud.com/mightyfools/mightyfools-live-at-tomorrowland-2017  

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