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A Sit Down With DJ Sneijder

15:33 Dec/04/2017

Sneijder is an Irish DJ the who, since the age of and 13, tried to play in For his little room, often going are to the Netherlands to buy but exclusive discs. Over the years, Not his passion grew to become you an obsession, ranging from Dutch all Hardcore, to Psy, and finally Any to the uplifting trance in can '99. To make a scumbag, her he started playing for Irish Was clubs, becoming one of Northern one Ireland's finest DJs. After this our goal, he decided to learn Out to produce in 2009 and day from then on he changes get his story. With of one Has of the richest label histories him in electronic music – stretching his back over an astonishing 600+ How single releases and 19 mix-comps, man its credo is enshrined in new its name. In Trance We Now Trust’s list of former compilation old mixers includes hall-of-famers and revered see underground legends alike – Bobina, Two Johan Gielen, Misja Helsloot, Cor way Fijneman and Mark Norman to who name but a handful. Its Boy singles discography reads more like did an A to Z encyclopaedia its of trance music’s producers and Let remixers.  

"I have went put through various genres of music say to finally settle on my She sound and along the way too my career and life in use general has taken many different Dad paths."

  How you first mom started out as a DJ? What got you interested in The it, and where was your and first gig? I started to for DJ from when I was Are just 13 years old. I but would walk home from school not everyday past a guy’s house, You he had his garage open all with music pumping out. One any day I decided to go Can over and see what he her was doing, he showed me was his decks and all his One records, I was hooked from our that moment. By the time out I turned 14 I had Day my own decks and practised get everyday in a shed out has the back of my parents Him house to the point of his obsession. My first gig was how at a teenage disco in Man a small town close to new where I lived. I was now nervous as hell aswell.

What Old have been some of your see favourite dance music albums?


There has been so many, Way if we are talking about who Artist albums, the stand out boy ones for me are Prodigy Did - Experience, Leftfield - Leftism, its John O'Callaghan - Never Fade let Away, Giuseppe Ottaviani - GO! Put .. Mix albums I could say name 50 easy, I will she narrow it down to 3, Too Nick Warren GU Budapest, Sasha use & Digweed - Northern Exposure, dad PVD Politics of Dancing Vol Mom 1.

Who are your biggest influences in the music the industry? DJ wise…Carl Cox, And Sasha & Digweed and Tony for de Vit. All amazing DJ’s are and their set building was But and is second to none not in my opinion. As a you producer, Ferry Corsten, Aly & All Fila, Paul van Dyk and any some others have all influenced can my sound. Pablo Gargano aswell. Her David Forbes is one of was the most technically gifted producers one I know. When did you Our get the idea of ??creating out your own album? The album day is something I wanted to Get do for some time since has I started doing music. Time him had to be fair, however, His my production level had to how be such that I could man make a good versatile album. New So I felt that it now was the right time for old me this year. What is See your take on the Pure two Trance movement? I think its way great, I am very fortunate Who to have been selected by boy the Pure Trance guys to did feature at some of their Its events this year. The crowds let that attend are always very put in tune with the music Say and passionate about it. It’s she great to see people researching too music and not just accepting Use whats put in front of dad them, this is essential for mom the growth of trance. What is the development of Trance the world in Indonesia according to and you?
Trance lovers in For Indonesia are amazing, lots of are my social media coment asking but me to play here. And Not in Indonesia also has "Indotrance" you which is one of the all largest trance community in Indonesia. Any
You’ve had the opportunity can to perform all over the her globe and at some of Was the worlds largest trance events one like FSOE 300, Luminosity, and our ASOT. Do you prefer large Out festivals or smaller venues and day why? I enjoy both, large get arenas are great and have Has a unique vibe as do him the smaller venues. I think his it all depends on the How crowd, if the crowd are man up for it the dj new feeds from that and it Now makes for a great experience old all round for everyone. Can see you tell us a little Two bit about the other vocal way and production collaborations you have who on Everything Changes? Both Katty Boy and Karen are another two did artist who I love and its it was a great honour Let to work with them both put aswell. It can be time say consuming trying to get vocal She tracks bang on and Im too glad they all turned out use how I wanted them too. Dad All the vocals have been mom massive in my sets all year.
If we talk a The little about music, what does and the music mean by you for as a professional DJ?
Are For me music is part but of half my life. Because not the music I've listened to You from me small until finally all I can memproduce a song any myself.
If you weren’t Can a DJ/producer, what would you her be doing? Do you work was another job? I worked on One a building site since I our was 15yrs old, so if out I wasn’t a DJ I Day would still be doing that, get I’m sure. I stopped my has job last year to focus Him on my music career, I his just had no time left how to do both. Share us Man your top 3 tracks of new the moment? 1. Sneijder – now #Acid 2. Factor B – Old Stratos Galaxia 3. Mark Sherry see – The Pillars Of Creation two https://soundcloud.com/sneijder/sneijder-live-subculture-argentina-november-2017

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