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A Sit Down With DJ Manuel De La Mare

09:27 Jan/12/2018

Manuel De La Mare is a DJ, producer and owner of recording imprints 303Lovers and Hotfingers. Manuel formulated his own sound by fusing together elements of varying genres which have long been the aural identity of his native country. This uniqueness and quality led to him having label credits with some of the scenes finest imprints such as Universal, Toolroom, Ministry of Sound, Tiger Records, Spinnin, Definitive and Stealth.

His capacity within the musical arena has brought interest to him, by artists such as Mark Knight, John Acquaviva and Fedde Le Grand, who required his talent in the studio. Thanks to Beatport, he was awarded the "Best Remixer 2011" prize, and was nominated for Best Deep House and Techno Artist in 2010.

Manuel has managed to become a global icon that has allowed him to play throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.


"I was always looking for a new sound, I'm very curious, for me everything is a transitional stage."


First you wrote music, and only then became a DJ. Correctly? Do you think this is a necessity - to be both a DJ and a producer? Which is preferable for you?

I think that these are two absolutely different kinds of art, and I love both.

What were your musical influences?

Many. From Beatles Rock to Panther Metal. From Debussy's piano to Bob Sinclar's house. I have always studied and listened to many genres of music.

What does your studio consist of? What hardware/software do you use most and why?

It is very simple, I use Logic 9 with some VST, I have some hardware synths like Korg M3, Korg M20, Minimoog, and my monitors are Dynaudio, Alesis and I often use headphones for listening to music.

Describe your style of music?

House and surroundings.

What was the best and the worst gig you ever played?

I've many many good gigs every year, it is really hard to pick the best gig. I played in the best clubs in the world, Space Ibiza, Amnesia Miami, Womb Tokyo, Ministry Of Sound London, Space Miami, Fabrik Madrid, Ultra festival in Miami, Pacha Buenos Aires and many many more, but I remember also less famous venues like in Costa Rica or Serbia, or a small club in Rosario Argentina.
Worst gig is easy, was a few years ago, I played in Puerto Rico in a small bar, almost all elements was bad, soundsystem, lights, drinks, djbooth, totally useless gig.. on top of that the next day there was not a driver for the airport, plus, there was a flood in the city so I had to walk in deep water for at least 2kms for finding a cab. That was a bad trip.

In the sea of labels that are present on the scene today what are in your opinion the positions of your labels 303Lovers and Hotfingers? How hard it is to run two imprints?

The difficult part was to separate the sound and create two different music lines for both of the labels, so they have their own identity in stead of being twins with different names. I am now focusing only on 303lovers together with Luigi Rocca and Hotfingers is Alex Kenji’s child now.

You are one of the owners of the 303Lovers label. How did the idea of ??the name come? Tell me, how are the affairs of the company going?

303 - this is the famous synthesizer from Roland. The name of the label is a tribute to the most important electronic instrument. We positioned the label as underground. And today I already have two imprints: 303lovers and Hotfingers (more house-oriented), which we manage with my friends and colleagues Alex Kenji and Marshall. Over time, our releases will get better and better. We have big plans for 2009, we just signed some good musicians, like Richard Dinsdale, Paul Thomas, Kolombo, D-Unity, Ahmet Sendil. Our musical family is becoming more interesting!

Can you tell us something about your project Forza with Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca?

It's the name of our party, when we play back to back or build extra long sets bringing to the club our diverse sounds.

You travel a lot. What are the essential things you need to have with you at all times and what are the things you miss when you are on tour?

When I'm in tour I miss my family of course, my friends, my home, my cats... Now I'm at Madrid airport, so let's see what i've with me: MacBook Air, Apple headphones (only for playing games!), Ipad, Iphone, Audio8 soundcard, Pioneer headphones hdj2000, toothbrush, deodorant, something for the nails, passport, some sleeping pills for long trips, 2 t-shirts, socks, and a swim costume as i'm going to Ibiza today. I like to travel with just a few things actually, I dont like bringing around heavy stuff.

Which City in the world inspires you the most and challenges you to be your best always?

MD – With no doubts that city is Tokyo. People there are extremely elegant, and they reflect this in all aspects of their life, as in the clubs as while they walk in the street. Sometimes I feel I’m the animal, they are the Humans, but I feel also a good contact with them, cause they fully enjoy dance, food and all kinds of art with their own peculiar language.

What was your most life-changing experience that shapes the way you create today?

MD – The only life changing experience I had was when I was twenty and I had some health problems. It made me realize I will do only exclusively what I love, no space for bad feelings that just make us waste our time.


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