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A Sit Down With DJ Stephanie

15:37 Nov/29/2017

Stefania Alessi aka DJ Stephanie was born in Bassano Del Grappa. Her passion for music started at the time she was a teenager following her father, who used to be a DJ and event manager, this way she learned the art of mixing. She started as a Techno DJ, but later on her passion for the Hardstyle sound grew as she came in contact with it during her work in important Italian clubs as a DJ and vocalist.

In 2006 she started her artistic career as an International DJ and producer working in the studio with DJ Activator and she came along with him to several gigs in Holland, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

This charming lady knows how to mix and entertain; the crowd will love her when she starts spinning the first record.

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"In this futuristic world I imagine a female high-tech DJ, who is wrapped up in exciting high-tech clothing. Mini skirts, high heels..."


Were you always going to be a DJ? Were there any non-musical ambitions in your youth?

I am still doing a lot with fashion as well. It has been an even battle and I hope to make the right combination by wearing nice clothes on stage. I always go shopping for special labels before my performances and fortunately the travelling I do now makes it possible to shop in many different places. Especially airports sometimes have really good shops.

Do you feel as though female DJ’s and producers are discriminated against?

It’s a continual battle that makes me very angry. It makes me laugh when people say “oh, you’re a woman so it must all be easy!” Oh yeah, right! Mind you, these kinds of statements come from men who don’t even know what a plug-in is and probably don’t even know how to turn on a PC, yet are seen as such ‘heroes’. I am generalising and don’t want to attract any antipathy, but it’s incredible that we’re on the verge of 2017 and there’s still such discrimination against women. There are many women and men who use ghost producers, but let’s make some things clear. Some examples: models, actors, porn stars or girlfriends of famous DJ’s, who before knowing them, didn’t even know how a CD is made. Then, there are those people who are genuinely DJ’s, people who live for and believe in music. Perhaps they aren’t that comfortable sitting behind a PC, but they may also have some great ideas. It takes a real DJ to understand how and whether a track, piece or music or melody works or doesn’t work, seeing as they have to test it out in front of an audience.

You’re one of only a handful of hardstyle DJs operating under your own name instead of a pseudonym? Is there any specific reason you never opted for another DJ name?

Well I really like my name and I think it is a great dj name as well; it is just me! I also hate to be somebody different, so I am glad I can be myself all the time as an artist and my name shows it.

Can you speak a little bit more about the entire process behind creating an album?

Making an album is not easy – it requires an investment of a lot of time and money. I was working on it alone, so I had to organise everything, including track ideas, melodies, lyrics, collaborations, graphics, videos and social networking/marketing. I began planning the album in March and throughout the summer I took lessons in mastering in Logic Pro. I had the opportunity to test the album tracks at festivals around the globe and each Monday I would go to the studio to correct, improve or even reject tracks. Somebody who really supported me and served as a mentor was Activator; I’m a huge fan of his sound, so we collaborated a lot within the album. I also worked with Proto Bytez, because I absolutely love this talented Dutch duo and have been following them since their first release! Finally, I also worked alongside Lady Faith because we are great friends and I think it is important for women to support each other!

What’s album track are you most proud of and why?

The album has ten tracks in total, however I’m especially proud of “DESTINY.” Initially this track was meant to be a single for the summer, but for me it had too much emotional significance to just be a single. The lyrics and vocals (thank you Popr3b3l & Siv Anita) have a deep meaning and the track also represents my first video-clip, which was shot at the beautiful La Morra and in my favourite Italian nightclub Discoteca Shock.

Are you surprised you’ve reached such heights at such an early stage of your career? What ambitions did you have when you initially entered the world of dance music?

Well before that I was already a ?? and that helps a lot now, you need that experience when you are performing on a big stage. But it is still a whirlwind altogether; in the last year alone I played for the same number of people as during my whole career. Of course performing on events like Defqon.1 Festival and Q-BASE helps a lot! When I started I just wanted to do what I like and that is still my aim. I love being on stage and everybody says it shows. You have to do something you really like when you want to do it right.

Tell us about role in ‘The Third Millennium Society’ and prediction about the future of our planet…

To be honest with you, I’m a little afraid and concerned. There are so many natural disasters the last few years and I hear more and more stories about climate change. That cannot be a coincidence anymore? I think they’re all reactions from ‘Mother Earth’ sending messages to ‘us’ that we are misbehaving and abusing the planet. All these natural disasters are signals we’re heading the wrong way. It’s time to change now before it’s really too late!

Do you think about creating a family?

I really like kids, I’m way too young to become mother. First I want to focus on my DJ career. I enjoy it way too much to tour around with my ‘Pink Hard Stuff’ and to share my sound at different events all over the world. I also get a kick out of flying and staying in different hotels all the time. I could not do that anymore as a mother.

You’re one of the most fashionable ladies in the Hardstyle scene. Tell me, how to you bring your sense of style to the stage?

I’m Italian, straight from the heartland of Italian fashion! I’ve always wanted to bring a touch of fashion to my presence on stage, but without overdoing it because I still want people to appreciate my music first and foremost. I’m not the type to plaster myself with make-up, but I do love finding an outfit that suits me. Typically I like dressing up in black vest-tops, halter-neck tops combined with leggings (I love the Calzedonia brand) or a denim one-piece by G-Star and of course, high heels!


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