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Bloody Beetroots remix contest for the undying 'Cornelius'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The Bloody Beetroots aka Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has announced a remix contest for his most enduring hit 'Cornelius'. Released in 2008, this has been the most memorable and played track by The Bloody Beetroots.

'It was 2008 when “Cornelius” was first released, many memories permeates through that period of chaos and madness. This is my gift to you: the parts of one of the most popular tracks i’ve ever produced : CORNELIUS,' writes Rifo on Bloody Beetroots blog.

The winning remix of the competition is going to be included in their live sets in 2013. The competition doesn't close until January 31, so plenty of time for you to display your producing skills. However, it's just a few days too early to hear it at the Boiler Room in Australia, where Bloody Beetroots is scheduled to play in the end of January as well.

'Cornelius' remix competition right here! Track below!

Photo: bine_bardi

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