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Skrillex exercises fresh angle on his latest 'Reason' EP

00:00 Nov/30/1999

How many times have you heard people saying something in lines of 'Skrillex is played out' or 'his sound just doesn't bring anything new to the table anymore' . Well, the haters are going to hate, but you might want to consider giving them some of the latest beats from Sonny. They just might change their attitude thoward the dubstep virtuoso not breeding dubstep on the recently unleashed 'Reason' EP. Although this may not be up the alley of a die-hard Skrillex fan, it sure is wicked. Let's have a listen!

The release came from the newly founded OWSLA sublabel - The Nest. 'Reason' consists of 3 tracks - Leaving, Reason and Scary Bolly Dub.

Sonny shortly commented on the EP:

'The reason and Leaving came together last minute. I made Leaving in my hotel room in mexico and just finished the Reason an hour ago in my hotel room in miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now. Hope you guys enjoy these quality wavs.'

'Leaving' isn't dubstep at all, there's no drop. After the suprise of a laidback Skrillex tune, you might just start appreciating the UK inspired down tempo garage style drums, deep bass and melodic breaks. This is going to be getting a lot of attention from people who have lost interest in Skrillex.

'Reason' sees Skrillex experiment with new perspectives as well. Some trap-like beeps and techno beats at display on this one!

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