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A Sit Down With DJ George Acosta

13:27 Oct/24/2017

George has helped change and evolve trance from an underground movement to massive festival experiences throughout the world. George Acosta is probably America`s most unique dj and has undoubtedly been a major force in shaping the sound of trance in Miami and beyond says fellow dj Dave Ralph. George Acosta is America?s representative in the global Trance scene says Markus Schulz.

He is revealing enough information to understand that his musical style has changed throughout the times. On the other hand he is mentioning on how Ultra Records was his first platform to escalate within the EMI, being a major milestone in relation to his music as well.

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When you got into the electronic dance music scene, and how you settled into trance music as your preferred choice?

I began my career as a DJ at the young age of 15 by spinning at high school parties. I then began to do my own parties which then led me to spinning at many clubs at some of the very popular hot spots of South Beach. While spinning at these many different clubs on the beach, I met a German promoter by the name of Wolfgang. By this time, I had already transitioned from being a hip hop DJ to a techno DJ to finally a House DJ. And to make a long story short, Wolfgang asked me to play at one of his many parties in Germany. After that experience, I switched genres once again and only focused on Trance music. These days, however, I am breaking out of the trance only and focusing more on a progressive house sound.

How old were you?

I`m 28, so I guess I was about 20 or 21. It was like the day that I grew up. It`s like you decide to go to college, get a degree, you know? I went to college too, but at the same time I was doing the DJ thing at night, so like I said, there wasn`t much I could do, just keep playing at clubs and stuff, so I wanted to do something extra. I started doing tracks and started playing raves and stuff and I did one track, and it went real big.

If you can remember the track from your favourite dance genre that struck a chord in you?

I came across dance music in the 90’s and house music was definitely my genre of choice I was always influenced by German techno and NY house, I would say tracks from Josh Wink, Sven Väth and tunes similar to that were in my play list as well as in my thoughts in making something like this one day.

What were you playing before that?

Well I mean I used to play breaks. I played my drum and bass back in the days, I mean I started as a hip hop DJ like 10 years ago, so I`ve come along way.

The most magical moment you experienced behind the decks?

I think I just described it in the question before! Undoubtedly, any of my Vegas pool party shows have been the ultimate experience for me. Of course, there have been other magical moments throughout my career, I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to have performed all over the world in so many shows and venues, so honestly each experience has been memorable for it’s own special reasons.


"Whenever I play anywhere, I feel like I am at home, I see my people, they understand me, they understand what is happening as I spin my records."


You set up at Fektive records in Holland and your own record label Aco Music. Are you satisfied with the way that the label is moving at the moment?

As for the mission for Aco-Music, it was to present the more signature style of the sound I am focusing on right now and to hand pick artists that I really enjoy that are new breed which I like to give back my support.
As for the Fektive Label and being satisfied I am going to say “I plea the 5th” as I would not like to incriminate myself at this time. My manager Francisco Pacheco is in the final stages of getting a deal inked to move the label to a more structured, balanced company which will secure the direction which I am headed in my career. This is sad for us as we really like Fektive but their attention is clearly in their business and I seek for the attention for my business.

At what age did you leave Cuba? Have you ever gone back?

I left Cuba at the age of seven. I will always have a love for my birth country. Since I left at such a young age, the United States is what I primarily know and it’s the place that has given me the freedom I have and all the opportunities I have experienced. I do however have some childhood memories of Cuba, some good, some bad, of course. But most importantly, I am thankful to my parents for making the hard decision and the sacrifice of leaving everything behind in Cuba to start a new and better life here in the United States of America. I have never been back to Cuba, but one day hopefully I would love to visit a free Cuba and see the island I was born in. I would love to go back to my roots.

What was the best business move that enhanced your career to great benefit?

Believe it or not, the best business move that enhanced my career greatly was going back to school, studying at SAE and earning a degree as a sound engineer. I can definitely say my sound has grown and matured and improved once I accomplished my goal in becoming a sound engineer. Best move I ever made.

Do you believe that trance music is popular and recognized in the USA?

As for the USA Market the house, progressive house and slower tempo music is more accepted in the clubs that are more geared into the older crowds of 21 years and older, that listen to slower, but yet driving music. So to answer your question, in the USA it is less popular but trance is popular for a hand full of producers that sell tickets for promoters.

What makes your sound special?

I guess what makes me special is that I never stay behind the times. There are certain aspects about my DJing that remain consistent, but as far as the type of music I spin, I feel that that has evolved throughout the years. As of right now, I feel my style is made up of a more progressive house. However, I always like to mix my music to a certain level, making sure you can always pump it up nicely in a club. I need to be certain that I can always hear my kick and bass perfectly.


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