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You Will Dig This: Boiler Room - Bringing You The Vibe Wherever You Are

00:00 Nov/30/1999

It's time for 'You Will Dig This' - the time to get to know things you can't believe you could live without before. Yeah, we're this confident you'll get hooked on this, provided you haven't already. This is something to get into, regardless of your musical preferences. How come? Well, let's get started and find out!

There’s a lot of great venues and shows out there. Many of them are extraordinary for the spectacle they put on. Everything’s tweaked to perfection - from the intricate sound system to the the formidable lighting, LED screens, the VIP rooms, the chandeliers and what have you. The modern day venue captures the club-goers imagination and senses. People give their body and mind to the dance-floor and the DJ with utter disregard for the everyday grey matter. There are basically two extremities to venues. At one end of the scale you have the aforementioned ultra-modern, high-budget and high-capacity club. The other extreme is made up of underground venues that aren’t as well known and fancy. They often manage to embody the true spirit of DJing even better, thus giving rise to some of the best parties. Warehouses and basements are perfect for these kind of projects. BOILER ROOM provides you with a mind blowing journey night in and night out. As you might’ve expected, Boiler Room has more to do with the second extreme, but that's not all there is to it. As the website states: 'The first Boiler Room sessions ever were founded on red stripe four-packs, borrowed speakers, empty warehouses, generators, gaffa tape, and of course a wealth of musical talent.'

The legendary Kerri Chandler at the Boiler Room in London:

The project started just a few years ago in March, 2010, in East London where warehouse parties aren’t anything new. The concept of Boiler Room, however, is fresh. One of the co-founders, Bleis Bellville elaborated in an interview: ’The Boiler Room started when I was running an online magazine, and we were thinking of different ways we could cover music and mixtapes, really.’ The other co-founder of Boiler Room, Thristian Richards, told that the goal was to capture the essence of the London warehouse party for both the people at the show and people tuning in online. Yes, you read correct – the Boiler Room shows are broadcast live, online.  So they had a small warehouse with a sign above the door saying Boiler Room; they had an innovative way to cover people doing sets; they had connections like Gilles Peterson – the perfect formula for a perfect beginning. They set up the DJ with his back to the crowd, a camera in front of them and the magic could get under way. These broadcasts started taking place on times you wouldn’t expect a club party to happen. They were rather like bedroom hangouts, the flow of the intimate location making perfect room for the DJ to express freely and feel the vibe of the crowd behind.

Have you heard already? Bonobo’s Boiler Room set here!

Although the story is posted under ’Venues’, you can’t actually categorize Boiler Room as a particular place - one could say it is an online venue. Sure, it started in a particular place in London, but it has become more like a movement celebrating the craft of the DJ in the chillest settings. There's been Boiler Room shows all over the globe already – from Paris to Berlin, New York to London and so on. The gigs have been held at temporary locations like Hotel Paris or at some random boiler room in Amsterdam during ADE 2012. There’s no need for a persistent venue. What matters is that the feeling manifests itself wherever the musical feast is held. This special aura is suggested to the online viewers, listeners and dancers by the unusual setup, the live broadcasting and the exceptional quality DJs, who enjoy themselves and get involved more intimately than they might at a usual festival gig.

Listen to the main culprits behind the Boiler Room, Blaise Bellville and Tristan bPM talk about the innovative project before the MF Doom gig!

Boiler Room is also collaborating with the Warehouse Project (check out Benga’s show to get an idea of the magic that’s going on over there):

„There's going to be a tiny Boiler Room location hidden deep in the bowels of the venue, where artists will head to after their main stage set to play something exclusive and fresh for everyone watching online.It's one of those situation where two parties feel like they both have something to offer each other, and by the looks of what is coming up there should be some truly memorable ones.“

Head to Gabrielle Guetta's Female DJ of the Week for Ellen Allien's Boiler Room set!

Also, from day one, Boiler Room has worked together with the Red Bull Music Academy ’in  the pursuit of discovering and promoting exciting new music from around the globe.’ Connecting to underground music communities since 1998, the Red Bull Music Academy has helped Boiler Room throw the sickest shows and find new broadcasting locations.

To summarize - Boiler Room is ubiquitous in spreading the pure joy of music and DJing - you can enjoy it wherever you are and with a bit of luck and effort you might get to be at a Boiler Room event in person. From the humble beginnings of a badly set up warehouse to Red Stripe sponsorship, their own football club and THE biggest names in the industry - you can be sure that the Boiler Room crew will stir up the pot in the most innovative ways in the future. Tune in to Boiler Room and enjoy the vibe wherever you're at. Of course, we'll keep you posted here at the DJfollower, as well!

One of my personal favorites, a recent set by Henrik Schwarz, in the beginning of December, 2012!

Some quotes from magazines and DJs:


‘The biggest nightlife success of the past year, Boiler Room blurs the line between an online club and a radio show.’


‘There is always something good happening in London. It’s about finding a new platform to do what you do – see the Boiler Room sessions – which in many ways come from the same heart and soul as deviation.’


‘It’s the motherf*ckin Boiler Rum!’


‘If you haven’t reached any of the Boiler Room sessions yet then that’s a problem. Nothing but vibes. I remember sitting pretty much at the first one and now its drawing the biggest numbers and names out there.’

The not so modest, randomly ordered line-up of some of the DJs who have done Boiler Room shows. Keep in mind, that you can search your favorite artist here, to find out if he's done Boiler Room already:

  • Todd Edwards

  • Nina Kraviz

  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

  • Disclosure

  • Skream

  • DJ Hell

  • Four Tet

  • Jamie xx

  • DJ Shadow

  • James Zabiela

  • Bonobo

  • Richie Hawtin

  • Sven Väth

  • Henrik Schwarz

  • Ellen Allien

  • Apparat


  • Jamie Jones

  • Caribou

  • Jimmy Edgar

  • Machinedrum

  • Dmitri From Paris

  • Charlie Dark

  • Cajmere

  • Blawan

  • DJ EZ

  • Lee Gamble

  • Nathan Fake

  • Cassius

  • Gaslamp Killer

  • James Murphy

  • Zed Bias

  • Alan Braxe

  • Kerri Chandler

  • MF Doom


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