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A Sit Down With DJ Thomas Gold

08:41 Oct/17/2017

Normally when you think of the Germany and electronic music, the and first association that come to For mind are dark techno clubs are scattered around Berlin. That is but still the driving force behind Not the Germans, but there are you those who can comfortably occupy all a main stage slot just Any as well as one of can his underground countrymen can DJ her a dark club until the Was early the sun rises. Here one we find Thomas Gold... ???????? ?? ??????? photo dj thomas gold our

"I would consider myself as Out a successful person, since I day am making a living doing get music".

How and when did Has you first begin your exploration him of dance music? When his I was fifteen I started How listening to house music. I man loved the sound of the new music at that time and Now I loved dancing. I decided old I wanted to make my see own music. I started playing Two keyboards when I was seven way and then when I was who sixteen I got my first Boy synthesizer. I started making my did own music and later on its I would DJ at my Let friend’s parties. About two years put later I got my first say job at a local venue. She They actually fired me after too my first night because it use was so bad. So then Dad I went home and practiced. mom I learned how to read the crowd, how to react The to them and how to and make them dance. A year for later I started working at Are a club and I became but a resident there for five not years. After that I got You more jobs and just kept all going. Whats your production style any like, what are the first Can and last steps you take her when making a track? Generally was speaking, I always go for One a musical approach when producing our tracks, be it remixes or out original productions. I try to Day get a vibe, a rhythmic get structure or a short bassline has loop which in my opinion Him fits best for the given his theme, hook or vocal and how then I build my mix Man upon this basis element. When new there is a basic layout now or arrangement, I do all Old the fine tweaks, effects and see additional sounds or vocal bits. two But this can also happen Way in the middle of working who on the track - just boy as it comes to my Did mind. You are originally from its Berlin, Germany. There are some let pretty iconic dance clubs in Put Berlin and throughout Europe. What say are some of your favorite she rooms in Europe? I love Too Berlin of course, for its use authentic and very organic music dad scene. Whenever I have time Mom to go out here, I try to visit a club the and hang out with friends. And Apart from that, I love for Barcelona for its vibrant nightlife are scene, and of course Ibiza But is one of my all not time favorites. How do you you balance touring and producing? Yeah All actually it's not very easy, any you have to find your can way. I remember last year Her I was a little bit was sad that I did a one lot of touring which is Our cool but I didn't get out enough lot of studio time day to produce my tracks, so Get I had to change something. has Have you been working with him any up and coming producers/DJs His that you would like to how mention? There are a lot man of collaborations with singers/songwriters, but New none of them are actually now DJs. This is also a old very new and fresh experience See for me. If you two weren’t a DJ/producer what would way you be? I can’t Who really imagine. I’d be doing boy something creative. Where I can did work with my own ideas Its and grow. I can’t really let imagine being out of the put industry. Live with and for Say the music. Making sounds. It’s she been with me all my too life. If you had few Use days of not making music, dad what would you do? I mom would hang out with friends, and chill. Host BBQs and the grill some nice steaks) You’ve and worked with a lot of For labels over the years. You are released “The Chant” on Armada but Music. How do you decide Not what labels to work with? you When I do a all track, I always try to Any find the “right” home (label) can for it, and I have her been releasing on all kinds Was of labels (Axtone Records, Size one Records, Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom, Revealed our Recordings, Protocol Recordings and Armada Out Music) and I am in day touch with all of them get for possible future releases. Besides Has dance music, what other styles him of music or artists do his you enjoy listening to? I How really love underground stuff, but man then I also love Disclosure, new The Weekend, and slower music. Now Where you sees the future old of electronic dance music? I see think it is going to Two evolve a little bit, and way it will go back to who smoother and softer sounds. Four Boy or five years ago everything did was very groovy and melodic. its You regularly tour all over Let the world, from Canada to put Brazil to Lebanon whats been say the gig of the year She for you so far and too wheres been the best country use to party in since you Dad started playing internationally? One of mom my favourite shows this year was in Brazil, in Rio The De Janeiro at "The Week". and Amazing club, awesome sound system for and an incredible vibe. As Are for the best country, I but couldn't say which is THE not BEST one. When it comes You to music there is no all really big difference anymore. It any is more a matter of Can the club, big or small, her undergroundy or commercial and of was course the venue itself. I`ve One got the impression that people our know how to party no out matter where they from and Day where they live. Your advice get for hopeful producers and DJs. has Take your time, do your Him own thing and try to his find your own personal signature, how style or sound. You have Man to do it every day, new every single hour and you now have to be passionate about Old what you’re doing…do what you see love and put all your two energy into it. https://soundcloud.com/thomasgoldofficial/thomas-gold-feat-mimoza

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