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A Sit Down with DJ Vibe Tribe

06:21 Oct/11/2017

Vibe Tribe - is the Psy-Trance project of Russian-born Israeli producer Stas Marnyanski and, formerly, Elmar Ivatarov. These two guys from Russia started the Vibe Tribe project in their early twenties. Their first album Melodrama was a huge success in the psy-trance scene, thanks to their remix of the Infected Mushroom track Shawkawkaw which was released just a few months before, august 2004. They released tracks on numerous compilations on different labels and gained somewhat of a star status, viewed as geniuses by many. After their second album Wise Cracks in 2006, they split up, with Stas continuing to produce under the name Vibe Tribe, whereas Elmar went by the alias Spade. No apparent reason has been given for the breakup.
They have released an album each since then, with Stas having the favor of a well-known artist name.

Vibe Tribe's tracks have been featured on compilations released under labels such as: Utopia Records, Neurobiotic Records, Shiva Space Technology, Turbo Trance Records, B.N.E Records, Crystal Matrix, Spun Records, Noga Records, and others. In 2012 Vibe Tribe teamed with Spade to create new project with name DaVinci Code. What is it? Return to the origins or a new beginning?

"We are making melodic music, inspired by the old school goa stuff, and we love morning sunrise"

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What do you prefer, playing live or dj set?
We think its fun both ways live or Dj set when u play live it has it own goods and bads as well as dj set so we’ll prefer Live and Dj set !

Your genre of music is that of Psychedelic trance, what would you say are the main influences for your kind of music? Influence could come out of no where from anywhere. It could be from - music, views, something I see or hear or eat - that's the beauty in this for me.

And next weekend you’ll be in South Africa for the first time. What have you heard about our scene? It will be my debut gig in South Africa, and I am very excited to come down there for the first time, especially after how many times promoters have tried to book me but I have already been booked elsewhere. I have heard so many great things from friends of mine that have played there and everybody says one thing – the South African crowd rocks the dance floor like no other!

What kind of music do you think is the most popular today worldwide and why?

Pop is the most popular because it sells and its played day and night on music channels though its not my cup of tea.

Have you heard Indian music? What do you think of Indian music?

Indian music is very different and has got a eastern feel to it and I actually enjoy listening to oriental sounds sometimes.

What do you think about the mp3 trade by internet?
We think is killer! Now seriously, we hate it, but its nothing you can do against it , we guess the people who want original cd quality is still going to buy cds, the same as people going to movies for example.

What are your thoughts on the internet? Has it made it easier to get your name out there? Well, it most definitely gave more options for beginners and more competition for old timers. The exposure you can receive today is endless via social networking and whatnot. But then again, a coin has two sides, and yes there are more available routes to push yourself, but you also have to deal with the increase in competition and wanna-be artists who do their best to have success and fame.

You’ve actually got a new EP out together entitled Blast From the Past. That’s correct. We’ve actually made a few EP’s together as Vibe Tribe and Spade. It’s just natural for us due to our history that goes back so far. We have that magic click when we sit together in the studio. Blast from the Past is our latest release, featuring 2 brand new original tracks, plus 2 remixes from Painkiller and Micky Noise. I guess it would be best to let the music speak for itself, so for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, grab your copy on Beatport, iTunes, or any other large online shop.

How often do you travel to different countries to perform? Which is your favourite party destination? I travel pretty much every weekend. Just before coming here I played at Portugal and next week I will be at Moscow then Belgium, Brazil, Japan and so on. I love it all especially India, Brazil, Japan, Australia and Mexico.

Your sense of life?
Party’s, music, sunrise, girls & fast cars.


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