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Hot trio Krewella publishes video for 'Alive'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Krewella is basically a wet dream for the EDM fan. The electro house and dubstep playing trio consists of the producer Chris 'Rain Man' accompanied by two hot sisters called Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf. They've been active since 2007, but the rise to the top hasn't been very painful for they are creating festival-sized tunes, doing crazy stage shows and all kinds of freaky shenanigans off the stage. Recently they got signed with Columbia Records and taken over biggest festivals and events.

Their debut EP 'Play Hard' was released this summer and received a lot of positive feedback. 'Alive' is one of the hit tracks from the EP, obviously they would do a high quality video for that.

It's gotten 2,5k thumbs up in 2 days. Obviously the video has pretty girls with sleeveless shirts dancing and celebrating that they're alive. But the track's also a great example of EDM. Krewella has excelled at something pretty weird. They've managed to do eccentric mainstream music. They've seamlessly blended together various elements from dubstep to electro and progressive house, even trance. A trio we're surely going to keep an eye on!

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