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You Know and Arthur Baker present: Planet Rock & Other Tales of the 808

00:00 Nov/30/1999

It is a machine that changed the world. Most of the younger generation will know the 808 sound. At least, they've gotten down to techno beats or messed around with 808 plug-ins on some music programs.  Certainly, every self-respecting music enthusiast has heard the iconic 'Planet Rock' which used the fresh (at that time) Roland TR808. Now, with the help of the creative production agency You Know, Arthur Baker will bring you a full-length documentary about the legendary apparatus and, of course, the track 'Planet Rock' by Arthur Baker, Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force.

“The day we recorded Planet Rock, I went home that night and told my wife, ‘We’ve made musical history tonight.’” – Arthur Baker

30 years ago, a major shift took place in music production. 'Planet Rock' was recorded, and Arthur Baker was right. Musical history was made on many levels. Besides the instantly legendary status of the track, 808 was established as the 'gold standard'. It became the all-important instrument for both hip-hop and electronic dance music.

The documentary, directed by Alex Dunn and written by Luke Bainbridge, will be finished in 2013. An impressive roster of musicians, producers and DJs has been put together for comments, personal memories and thoughts. The line-up includes Questlove, Diplo, ToddlaT, Brodinski, Fat Boy Slim, Paul Oakenfold, New Order, A-Trak, Felix Da Housecat, SoulClap, Skrillex, Richie Hawtin, Soulwax, and of course Arthur Baker.

You can visit 808tales.com to register yourself and get included in the credits. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below!

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