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Did Al Walser stole Zedd's stems? Or is Al Walser actually Zedd?

00:00 Nov/30/1999

We discussed Al Walser's nomination and how it affects the credibility of the Grammy Awards. Things have gone from bad to worse as Zedd has apparently accused Al Walser of using the stems he uploaded to Beatport for the 'Spectrum' remix contest. Now there are numerous speculations on the internet. Dada Life has dropped the all-important suspicion on Twitter: "@Zedd I think you are Al Walser".

Zedd told in a tweet that 'I Can't Live Without You' is a 100% ripoff with only Walser's vocals. To which Walser responded that it wasn't he's idea and he could take the 'remix' off iTunes if Zedd wants. Without any remarks on the alleged stealing of Zedd's stems, he's offering to take his Grammy nominated remix off iTunes. Is this guy for real?

Here are the two tracks. What do you think?

What's really impressive is that Al Walser is holding up in the midst of it. I know he must've intended to become famous over this. But the unshakeable confidence this so-called DJ/producer has, is something remarkable. Everything he says on interviews or tweets seems to come in blind faith that everything's alright. He's just the underdog running for a Grammy, nothing peculiar about that. However, everybody who still has any respect for the award's show, will be disappointed to hear about this.

I imagine, the staff at Grammy's must be running around headless, trying to find a solution to this mess. At the same time, Al Walser basks in his (bad) publicity and keeps on the stoic straight face. Meanwhile, everybody who doesn't really care about the integrity of the Grammy, will continue to have fun on the matter.

Check out some of the recent tweets on the matter:

Dada Life are having fun on the whole ordeal:

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