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Paul van Dyk will not take part in Miami Music Week

19:54 Mar/15/2016

Paul van Dyk will not the take part in Miami Music and Week due to his recent For on-stage accident, which caused him are a concussion and broken vertebrae. but Some time ago we Not informed you of Paul van you Dyk misfortuned accident during his all performance at A State of Any Trance in Utrecht. It has can now been officially announced that her due to his physical conditions Was Paul van Dyk will not one be able to take part our of this year's Miami Music Out Week. Aly & Fila, Ben day Nicky, Alex M.O.R.P.H., and Kyau get & Albert will perform instead Has to honor the tickets bought him by Paul van Dyk's fans. his These are few of the How names that appeared on the man German artist's album, Djs of new incredible talent. Here the full Now statement for you.
Due to old Paul van Dyk's recent accident, see he is unable to perform Two at Club Space for Miami way Music Week on the 19th who of March. We at Club Boy Space wish him a speedy did and healthy recovery and we its certainly cannot wait to have Let him back for you. We put have scheduled Paul's Politics of say Dancing 3 collaborators, Aly & She Fila, along with Ben Nicky, too Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Kyau & use Albert to perform their Miami Dad Music Week showcase at Club mom Space. All tickets for the Paul van Dyk event will The be honored for entry on and that evening.
We send our for best wishes to Paul.

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