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Gareth Emery Announced The Release Date Of His New Album

09:13 Mar/09/2016

Gareth Emery announced the release date of his new album. This will be the third studio release for the British producer and songwriter.

The U.K. artist will release his new album on April 1st and it will be no joke! ‘100 Reasons To Live’, this is the title of his latest creation, will be released by Garuda and Armada Music.

His tour in the USA and in Canada will serve to promote his new album. The tracklist includes fourteen songs as shown below.


01. The Story So Far
02. Cloudline (feat. Joseph)
03. Far From Home (feat. Gavrielle)
04. Reckless (feat. Wayward Daughter)
05. We Were Young (feat. Alex & Sierra)
06. CVNT5 (feat. Ashley Wallbridge)
07. Make It Happen (feat. Lawson)
08. Hands (feat. Alastor & London Thor)
09. Lost (feat. Janet Devlin)
10. Save Me (feat. Christina Novelli)
11. Until We Meet Again (Ben Gold)
12. I Could Be Stronger ([But Only For You])
13. Sansa
14. Cruiser (feat. Alex Sonata) (Bonus Track)

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