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JUSTICE uploads 8 remixes of their tracks! Brodinski, Tiga, Erol Alkan, Para One and more

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Justice  has been one of those infamous production duos similar to Daft Punk or The Knife - after releasing something they'll leave you hungry for more, for a long time! Not this time, though! There are great news regarding the French electro-gods!

2012 has been huge for Justice, they've done a lot of tour dates in support of their album 'Audio, Video, Disco'. They're full throttle heading into 2013 with the announcement of a five-track EP 'Helix' set to release on January 8! It's going to be the title track plus the extended version and two additional remixes. Then there's 2 more tracks -  'Ohio' and 'Presence'. We start off the latest uploads by Justice, with one of the remixes from the upcoming EP.

This is a real treat for the fans of Justice, uploaded to their official Youtube channel a day ago! Check out remixes by an impressive line-up of artists who have taken on the honors to mess with tracks like On'n'On; Canon; Audio, Video, Disco and Helix by Justice. These tracks will make you Edbang for sure!

Photo: Jason Persse

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