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The Through The Night EP is released on October 2 via Lektroluv

14:56 Sep/25/2015

There are plenty of disguises and costumes in dance music but Dr Lektroluv's might be one of the boldest. The all-green selector uses a telephone to mix his outrageously big electro tunes and he's been doing it for a long time now.

His label Lektroluv is responsible for releases by Mumbai Science, The Subs and Jagerverb, all of whom bring the heavy artillery fire in their productions. Next up on the imprint however is the boss man himself and he isn't taking any prisoners this time.

The 'Through The Night' EP is loaded with two original tracks that are as bright and colourful as the DJ's face mask and both of them hark back to the golden 2006 era of electro.

OWSLA protege Etnik has crafted the remix of the title track and it kicks even harder than the original. The glitchy and restless cut is as sharp as barb wire and features slamming drops and feverish cymbals. You'll dig this.



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