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Brolific times for Bromance labelhead Brodinski

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Alright, alright - I know 'prolific' isn't written exactly like that, but the temptation was too great! However it is on the money - the French labelboss, Brodinski, really is having lucrative times with the young imprint Bromance co-founded with Manu Barron. His solo-career has stepped into high gear as well. Aside constant touring and work with the label, mostly releasing underground techno and bass tracks, he's managed to come up with new music on his own! On December 10, 'Bromance #7' EP - the first solo release by Brodinski -  was made available on Beatport.

Recently Brodinski told Inthemix how the newly born imprint is doing: “The first year of Bromance has been super amazing, definitely a lot more than I was expecting. I created the label with Manu, my manager, to push the artists we love and to release our own music with our own schedule – our own way of doing things”. When asked if it was a conscious decision to do a solo EP he told: “Yes, definitely! Gesaffelstein released his own EP in July – it’s good to show people our own side.”

Surprisingly, this is the debut release by Brodinski alone. Until now he's come up with split EP's between Club Cheval and Gesaffelstein. But 'Bromance #7' changes all that. We get a real taste of the characteristic sound of the French DJ. It consists of two tracks - 'Hypnotize' and 'Dance Like Machines'.

'Dance Like Machines' shows off some fast-hi-hats with emphasis on snare-drum breaks that are topped off with bits of vocals hear and there. Profound kick-drums are found on both tracks, but they're especially on display in 'Hypnotize', a track which excells at giving you the unstoppable desire to rave at some place like the Warehouse project. This one's even got some psychedelic trance elements in it, with the pulsating and cosmic loops going off in the background at all times. 

I can see these tracks becoming a constant guest at sets from guys like Laidback Luke, Chuckie and even Afrojack! Brodinski is on the rise, he's got mad skills when it comes to mixing. He said in an interview: ‘I am a DJ first, always have been, always will. I’m not a musician. That’s why I teamed up with Guillaume from The Shoes for Gucci Vump’. Not a musician, okay. But damn - he knows he's way around the production room.

Listen to the 'Bromance #7' EP!

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