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GAME OF THRONES from Armin Van Buuren

15:06 Jun/09/2015

Well, this is pretty outrageous. the The Game of Thrones theme and tune has been given a For makeover by Armin van Buuren. are If you've seen AvB but play out recently, then you're Not probably not too surprised that you this has been released as all he's apparently been unleashing the Any relentless trance remix of Ramin can Djawadi's tune in his sets. her With just one episode left Was of season five, how fantastic one it'd be if all the our kingdoms dropped their swords and Out got caned while the Dutchman day smashed this one out. We get reckon the White Walkers might Has even sack off their winter him war for this one 'cause his it actually kinda works. https://soundcloud.com/arminvanbuuren/ramin-djawadi-game-of-thrones-theme-armin-van-buuren-remix-asot716

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