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Black Girl/White Girl's

16:03 Jun/01/2015

Tel Aviv/Amsterdam duo Black Girl/White Girl's tunes are bold, bulky and stomping pieces of house and techno music.

About a month ago they gave away 'Just B Good To Me', over five minutes of dancefloor toughness, swiftly followed by the kickin' bass and wavy pads of 'Obelisk' on Madtech Records.

They've also released on Fat! Records - joining the likes of Maribou State, Foamo and Randomer - and their next one is courtesy of New York label Nervous Records.

A week before it comes out, they're giving away the first track from 'Don't Stop'/'Got To Release' away for free. Once again, the pair deliver another curvy cut, full of fidgety synth work and a bunch of feisty vocals.

'Don't Stop'/'Got To Release' is out via Nervous Records on June 8



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