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Maya Jane Coles has announced new single

15:07 May/06/2015

Maya Jane Coles has announced the release of a second single under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias.

'Believe' is a hauntingly downtempo, bass-driven affair, one that's more at home at an afterparty than a club. The single also includes vocals by elusive newcomer Chelou who gained recent attention for his track 'The Quiet'.

While the track is a far-cry from her usual tech-house offerings, those familiar with Coles will note the slick production and musical progression that has become accustomed with her work.

Fans of Coles darker, dubbier side will soon be able to get their hand on Nocturnal Sunshine's self-titled album, set to be released on her own label I/AM/ME on May 25th.

Listen to the single here.

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