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The Bristol producer show us new EP

15:27 Apr/28/2015

It's safe to say Hackman's got a fair amount of bangers in his closet. From the bassline driven 'More Than Ever' to the Alicia Keys-sampling 'Close' to the funk-swinging 'Change My Life', the Bristolian's output's been exquisite in the last six years.

The list of labels he's released on is impressive, too, from Well Rounded Records and Greco-Roman to Futureboogie and 20:20 Vision. He's just added Halocyan Records to that with the 'Semibreves' EP, and there's a couple of heavyweight remixes from KiNK and Timo Maas.

Before the five-tracker's available, though, we're giving away digital bonus track, 'Last Of The Summer Malign'. Not exactly straightforward, it starts off bright and bubbly, a sense of palm tree tropicana about it, before overpowering drums and toxic synths come into play, only to be pulled back to classical-leaning bliss.

The 'Semibreves' EP is out now


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