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Pendulum excluded from The Official Global DJ Rankings

13:24 Sep/10/2014

Recently the Official Global DJ Rankings have excluded Australian/British drum´n´bass band Pendulum from its lists. As by their statement – it was because the band has officially disbanded and is currently focusing to the side projects.

Though the band still continues in a DJ format, they believe that a majority of the fans attributed to their algorithmic rankings is misrepresented. In an explanation about why they excluded Pendulum from its rankings, a spokesperson from dj-rankings.com said that:

“Founder of the Pendulum, Rob Swire has definitively said that he has left the band and as the driving force behind its music and the popularity of the band (not the DJ set), DJ-Rankings finds it unreasonable to rank the DJ set accordingly.”

- PR at The Official Global DJ Rankings.

They however did not say that the exclusion was permanent and they continued by encouraging DJ Paul "El Hornet" Harding to pursue a ranking under his own name or in collaboration with MC Verse, The Offical DJ Rankings website elaborated further on their exclusion by stating that they do not recognize the current data of the band Pendulum in their rankings algorithm, such as followers on major social networks, chart positions, record sales, and royalties. Pendulum was ranked 42nd at the time of the exclusion. The website states that being excluded from the list does not mean that the Pendulum DJ set should not rightfully be ranked somewhere else on TOP 1000 highest ranked DJs - in fact they believe they should - however, due to insufficient and flawed data they are currently unable to position the band.

Pendulum was founded in 2002 by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding in Australia and relocated to UK at 2003. Their debut album Hold Your Colour , released in 2005, became one of the most popular drum´n´bass albums ever sold. While some of their songs hold true to the drum´n´bass style, later they also have experimented with mixing other genres into their work.

Lately Rob Swire and fellow member Gareth McGrillen announced in various interviews and on Swire's Twitter that a project called Knife Party has been created and is now the duo´s primary project. Knife Party will not be linked to Pendulum in any means and their music will consist of electro house, dubstep and other club genres.

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