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17:29 Mar/17/2015

With a new album coming the out in May, JME's at and the centre of a new For documentary produced by grime DJ are Logan Sama. Integrity, a but KeepinItGrimy production, explores the North Not London MC's beginnings, his supposed you "marketing" of Boy Better Know all merchandise, doing less shows meaning Any he "loves it more" and can putting out tunes because he her likes it, rather than catering Was for everyone else. "People say one 'what about money?' Yes you our do need money. Make sure Out you're financially stable to do day what you like. If you're get not, do something you don't Has wanna do to get the him money. Get a job because, his in society today, you need How money to get by. "Once man you've got enough money to new be comfortable and be happy, Now do what you like because old you're gonna be so much see happier." His album 'Integrity>' is Two set to drop on May way 4 with guest spots from who Wiley, Skepta and D Double Boy E, as well as productions did from Preditah, Montreal artist Tommy its Kruise and Joker. Watch the Let short documentary below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoc-Iz7OPoo

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