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Intricate remix by deadmau5

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Well, if you're expecting a fast-paced bass-filled electro house track, you'll have to look elsewhere. Although, I suggest you turn your attention to the delicate piece of musical craft that is this remix. You might've not been familiar with this side of deadmau5.

How To Destroy Angels or HTDA recently came up with an amazing tune called 'Ice Age'. You can find the tune from the Omen EP and watch the freshly published video below! The slowly building song reminds Nine Inch Nails, but then again HTDA consists of the brilliant frontman of NIN, Trent Raznor,  his vocally talented wife Mariqueen and  Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan. Listen to the original track - a subtly aggressive piece creeping up on you slowly!

Deadmau5 has taken the 7-minutes of instrumental winter wonder and enrobed it with electricity - with crackling noises, acoustic plucks, winding electric guitars and all that. This one's perfect to start the day or end the night!

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