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X-Factor for DJs

16:37 Jan/26/2015

Simon Cowell's DJ competition reality show appears to have a home.

It will premiere on Yahoo's online streaming platform Yahoo Screen, which made a large jump into the music sphere with an announced partnership with Live Nation to stream a concert a day live via the platform. Yahoo plans to premiere the weekly show, tentatively titled Ultimate DJ, from the American Idol and X-Factor producer that will pit electronic dance music DJs against each other in a reality show where they will compete to be voted the best one.

In other words, it's basically going to be the X-Factor for DJs.

Put together with US events company SFX Entertainment, sources close to Yahoo are saying it'll air weekly and mix pre-recorded elements with live performances, while they reckon Tumblr will be the place to vote.

The concept hasn't gone down too well with Fatboy Slim, who turned down a chance to be a judge on the show in 2013 and apparently said "fuck off" to the "terrible idea" when approached about it.

Source: musictimes.com

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