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Solveig Petersen introduces: ALEX METRIC

00:00 Nov/30/1999

For this week’s edition of ’Solveig Petersen introduces’ I’ve chosen the talented ALEX METRIC. There were many reasons for this. Besides the fact, that he’s going to release a banging sequal to the 'Ammunition' EP in a few days (UPDATE! Listen to the fresh Ammunition Pt. 2' here), Alex is pretty underestimated among the wider audience, although he’s done so much high profile work. The British DJ, producer and musician is #625 in The Official Global DJ Rankings. He’s fairly high up on the DJ-Rankings, but considering just how talented he is, we expect him to be on the rise in the future.

Start reading about the prolific DJ, producer and remixer Alex Metric and listen 'Anybody Else' from the first part of 'Ammunition' EP!

The fact that Alex hasn’t been around for a long time may play a part in him not ranking in the highest spots. He exploded to the scene in 2008 getting voted ’Best Breakthrough Producer’ at Breakspoll and ’Best Remixer of the Year’ by London radio station XFM. In 2009, Alex came up with a bunch of original stuff, including his own productions and remixes for the likes of U2, Phoenix (one of Metric’s favourite bands) and Bloc Party. ’It Starts’ was a track where Metric first showed his versatile musical abilities by taking up the vocal duties in addition to production (although, Bloc Party's Russell Lissack contributed by playing the drums, guitars and synths of the track).  In 2011, ’It Starts’ was used as the intro of  ’Forza Motorsports 4’, the highest quality racing game known for superb soundtracks. Besides successful productions, he also toured the globe as a DJ and joined ’In New DJs We Trust’ radio show on UK’s most prominent BBC Radio 1. To concentrate more on his own undertakings, Metric quit the radio show in 2010.

In 2011, Alex collaborated with Steve Angello and his childhood idol Ian Brown to come up with the track ’Open Your Eyes’. The track become widely known and played. That’s why the compilation album of the Brittish DJ/producer was called ’Open Your Eyes’ as well. It was comprised mostly of the past 4 years of his works - remixes of high profiled bands like La Roux, Gorillaz, U2, Depeche Mode, and the Beastie Boys. Besides the single with Steve Angello, another one of his own tracks ’End of the World’ with Charli XCX, was featured on compilation.

Metric is respectable for not only his immaculate DJ and producer skills, but also for the fact, that he hasn’t taken on any work he isn’t passionate about. He’s not the kind of guy who would do something just for material value, as he comments: “It’s always about making something with real emotion. My core philosophy is to do whatever’s right for the song and to try and make it have some meaning to me. I put so much love into everything I do.”

One of the more recent remixes. This one's a remake of St. Lucia - ’September’!

What’s impressive, is that he’s managed to establish himself as a high quality act and get over 26,000 followers on Twitter and over 32,000 likes on Facebook. That’s really good for someone who’s not crossed over to the more commercial fan-base. That being said, it doesn’t mean Metric doesn’t play for massive crowds. He’s an international DJ, as well as a prolific producer and remixer. Metric isn’t underground per se, as he mostly remixes pop songs turning them into electronic masterpieces: "I want my music to reach far and wide. I want to take on the overground without compromising what I do and what I love." I am certainly fond of the energy-packed, electro-indie tracks that Metric produces with supreme quality. Here's a dude who hasn't jumped on the EDM bandwagon, but is on demand to remix the best pop-acts out there, to DJ the best venues and play at the hugest festivals. Keep an eye on Alex Metric and be sure to grab his upcoming 'Ammunition' EP!

Check out how Alex remixes in this half hour interview from his studio! This one’s more of a technical nature - really useful for all you producer apprentices out there!

Upcoming tour dates:Nov 29th Philadelphia PA Rumor

  • Nov 30th Halifax NS The Palace

  • Dec 1st Montreal QC Le Belmont

  • Dec 5th Seattle WA Foundation

  • Dec 6th Mexico City MX Rhodesia

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