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Deadmau5 helping Nokia's comeback

00:00 Nov/30/1999

After a year, deadmau5 returns to promote Nokia's comeback effort. With the emergence of smartphones, Nokia's been struggling to cope in the market dominated by Apple and Samsung. They've been trying to change that with the Nokia Lumia series. The release of Lumia 800 was a success and largely because the most famous dead rodent jumped in to promote the launch with a huge show (check it out here).

This time, Nokia rigged every piece of surface in the Flat Iron Square in Southwark to make the architecture come alive as deadmau5 plays his set. Adam Johnson, Head of Consumer Marketing (UK & Ireland) at Nokia said: "We wanted to do something as innovative as our products to celebrate the launch of the new Nokia Lumia range. The show took its inspiration from the vibrant colours of the range. The Nokia Lumia 920 has extraordinary low light capabilities and we wanted to create an event that would showcase this fantastic feature and still show that our products stand out from the current sea of faceless black handsets".

deadmau5 said: "Playing Millbank Tower was an incredible experience, so it's great to be back in London to team up with Nokia again. The new show was a totally different concept from last year, but equally inspiring and technically challenging."

So Nokia released Lumia 920, a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 in hoping to achieve greatness on the ruthless smartphone market. At the same time deadmau5 got to show off and go home with pockets full of cash. We'll see if Nokia's comeback attempt is a success. Also, if deadmau5 reaches the Forbes 11,5 million dollar mark (although, in a recent interview he told he's about 9 millions short).

Check out some amateur footage of the show!

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