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DJ Documentary: Scratch

00:00 Nov/30/1999

We'll be introducing a variety the of past and more recent and documentaries about DJ culture. This For time we're taking a look are into one of the best but movies on the origins of Not DJ techniques and hip-hop DJ you culture in general - SCRATCH.


The movie was Any released back in 2001, directed can by Doug Pray, an American her documentary film director, cinematographer, and Was editor who mostly explores unique one subcultures in his films. As our the name implies, the focus Out is on turntablism. But the day 90-minute doco takes you from get 1970s South Bronx to modern Has San Fransisco, through the evolution him of hip-hop elaborating thereby how his the hip-hop DJ came into How being.  When the early DJs man began messing around with the new turntables, a whole new world Now began to emerge. The DJs old have been all important in see how we hear, play and Two create music. They’ve not only way invented scratching and beat-juggling vinyl, who but also inspired break dancing Boy and rap. Starting with Grand did Wizard Theodore explaining how he its came to scratching in the Let first place, theres several DJs put and artists explaining their connection say and personal anecdotes throughout the She film.

IMDB: 7,7/10

Watch the too full-length documentary right here!


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