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Calvin Harris pissed off at BBC for saying he's ''defending pre-recorded sets''

00:00 Nov/30/1999

A very public outrage by  Calvin Harris has been infused after the publishing of a short video clip of an interview given to BBC Newsbeat (watch the video here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/20227595). The article suggests that Calvin Harris is defending pre-recorded DJ sets. Of course, the UK's premier DJ and producer got angry letters for this and yes, of course he's pissed off about it. The Twittersphere has blown the whole thing a bit out of proportion, but then again, if Harris is right, he ought to be mad.

At the start of the interview, Harris says: "DJing is DJing and making music is something completely different. Personally I don't expect the DJ to perfrom that music.'' Then there's talk about playing tunes, it being basically the job description of a DJ."I think it's not a problem," Harris says. "In the club you want to hear a produced piece of music, you want to hear the bass, you want to hear it as good as it can sound."

The whole ordeal has backfired for BBC, as Harris drops furious comments in Twitter. The established DJ accused BBC Newsbeat for cutting his answers to suit their sh*t report:"Fact is @BBCNewsbeat pre recorded my answers to a different set of questions. The guy wasn't even wearing a f**king mic." The latest Tweet is about taking legal action it seems: "Looking into taking action on @BBCNewsbeat  for that libellous broadcast."

And this mere montage of a talk is interpreted as to referring to pre-recorded sets. What?! Nowhere in the interview is there talk about pre-recorded sets. Harris simply makes a distinction between DJing and producing music. He also says he doesn't see a problem with a DJ playing tunes without performing the music live. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a problem with the DJ just pushing play. This is a pathetic attempt by BBC to get views and attention.

Watch the latest video by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch for 'Sweet Nothing'.

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