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DJ Bl3nd knows how to tease

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Having sky-rocketed in 2009, DJ Bl3nd has been having a busy year. The immensely popular dubstep DJ has never left United States. Although he hasn’t done big shows or festivals in Europe, Australia or Asia, he’s got a cult-like following with over 2,3 million likes on Facebook and over 100,000 followers on Twitter. Bl3nd is currently 23rd on The Official DJ Rankings.

Bl3nd has a massive fanbases in all over the world. So the fact of never leaving the States has made him even more popular. He’s build up his image in the virtual realms of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Having trouble getting recognized before 2009, he came up with the concept of the mask and the live videos of himself dancing and spinning with high energy. Posted on Youtube and social media sites, these videos went viral as soon as they were published. Keeping his personal information a secret has made the public more interested than ever.

Basically, with a successful marketing plan, Bl3nd has made the rise to stardom seemingly easy. Currently, Bl3nd is touring North-America playing at packed venues to a passionate, almost cult-like, fanbase. There have been rumors and teasing by the DJ himself, that a world tour is in order. It won’t happen this year, but you can be sure he’ll start getting in on international action soon.

The latest by Bl3nd is another tease! It’s a preview of the upcoming EP ’Xception’. The track is a collaboration with Starkillers and will be released under Spinnin’ Records on 3rd of December, 2012. Check out the banging preview and wait for the dwarves to deliver the goods near the 1st Advent.


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