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Afrojack chosen for a remix of 'Gangnam Style'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The biggest international hit of 2012 is obviously Gangnam Style by Psy. 'Gangnam style' has gotten over 1 billion plays on Youtube. Having been subject to the countless plays on your local radio stations, to the contagious refrain, and to the innumerable videos of people riding the horse like the Koeran superstar - you'll probably sick and tired of the tune by now.

Now's the time to take a break and prepare yourself for the second wave! The Dutch DJ and EDM superstar Afrojack was picked by Psy to do a remix of Gangnam Style! He was also chosen to do a remix of Michael Jackson. We can't be certain if it's a good thing for Afrojack. Remixing something that has gotten over a billion plays since it was uploaded, Afrojack will have to come up with something special. Watch the interview where Afrojack expresses his concerns and excitement regarding the remix. 

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