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Fake Blood's debut album 'Cells'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Theo Keating aka Fake Blood has released his debut album 'Cells' with dripping of fake blood on the cover and tripping of Fake Blood inside. Eagerly anticipated by followers of great number, this is the first album under  Keatings' most used moniker to date. And we know Fake Blood for its high octane - electro, house and techno infusing - sounds. So did he deliver with the 11-track ’Cells’?

Keating is the man behind remixes of A-Trak, Miike Snow, Count & Sinden and his own avant-garde project The Black Ghosts. The British veteran producer has received high praise for his recent ’Mars’ and the ’Fix Your Accent' EP. The latter features ’I Think I Like It’, a massive dancefloor hit for quite some time now. After 5 years of Fake Blood – remixing, releasing EPs and inspiring frenzies at raves – the debut album is released. What's it about? Start the album mix below and find out!

The first track, brought out of the shady studio rooms already in August, is ’Yes/No’. With it’s refined piano riffs and Fake Blood’s trademark basslines you get the instant feeling of something special lying ahead. ’Yes/No’ as well as the next track ’Airbrush’ hint to Keating’s alter ego Touché from 90s. Mind-twisting riffs, rave hooks and proper drums  set the tone for the album.

However, the tone’s about to change with the next couple of tracks - ’Phantom Power’ and ’End of Days’. The titles suggesting something from a bit of a darker side is appropriate as you’re treated to tunes taking you on a journey rather than urging you to jump up and down.  

The latter is the case with ’Let It Go’, which instantly makes you yearn for a warehouse-rave. This one’s surely a highlight of the album and suitable for the festival-sized soundsystems and crowds. ’Let It Go’ will get you going.

’London’ is down-right psychedelic with its violin-riffs, opera vocals, fast hi-hats and sentimental synths – this is bad-weather-Sunday music for a melancholic electroholic.

Fake Blood will be celebrating the release of ’Cells’ accordingly, at London’s Fabric. Field Day, Summadayze and Summafieldayze feature Fake Blood as well. Great things lie ahead for the veteran master of electro currently #414 in The Official Global DJ Rankings. In the midst of the booming electronic dance music scene, an album of this calibre,  is very welcomed and is surely to meet critical acclaim. There’s a certain kind deepness to the LP, but optimism and dance-floor materials can be found as well. So Keating delivered something for everybody. Superb work!

Stream the full  album mix below!

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