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Gabrielle Guetta's Female DJ of the Week

00:00 Nov/30/1999

There’s numerous listings of female DJs based on their looks, some sets or mixes they did. We find these lists to may be good for promoting these underrated DJs, but they cant be considered objective in any sense. This is why we are going to be introducing female DJs in The Official Global DJ Rankings.

DJ Mag’s newly published list of top 100 DJs doesn’t have any woman DJ’s in it. In the last 4 years there’s only been one girl, Claudia Cazacu at #93 in 2010. It is obvious that the DJ business is a male dominated industry. Hanna Hanra, a veteran DJ and the founder and editor of The Beat magazine has commented on the subject, saying:

’I thought, based on my experiences so far, that it could be an exciting career. I've DJ'd in the coolest clubs and the shittest pubs, I've played at a record-breaking 13 parties during a four-day period one London fashion week and I've been flown across the world to play 10 songs at a party(...)it became harder to break through into top-billing territory. I hit the glass ceiling. I always thought that term applied to women in skirt suits in big, windowed office blocks – not those whose working day starts at 11pm and involves sticky floors and a disco ball.’

Unfortunately it is more difficult to break through to the top as a female DJ. It seems that the tradition of male DJs roots back so long, people don’t have much confidence in woman DJs. There’s a widespread prejudice in the DJ and music community, that men know music and DJ techniques better than women can. Hanra brought out some incidents she’s had at gigs:

’I've had male DJs reach over as I mixed two tracks and start twiddling with the knobs. Or come and stand behind me and instruct me on what to do. My personal favourite was when, at a regular Sunday nightclub, the male DJ who played after me reached over the sound desk and start to change the speed of a track for me.’

So you see there’s been sort of a troublesome situation regarding female DJs. However, regardless of gender, we support a DJ who has what it takes.. That is why we’re going to be doing feature stories about female DJs in the near future. The first feature is about DJ Magda, who’s currently #96 in The Official Global DJ Rankings.

Check out the top 10 list of female DJs in The Official Global DJ Rankings.

  1. Nervo #92

  2. Magda #96 - Find her feature article here!

  3. Monika Kruse #120

  4. Maya Jane Coles #197 - Find her feature article here!

  5. Claudia Cazacu #217

  6. Offer Nissim #223

  7. Miss Nine #225

  8. Miss Kittin #243

  9. Ellen Allien #266  - Find her feature article here!

  10. Lisa Lashes #357

And watch the compressed version of 'Girls in the Mix' a feature length documentary about female DJs in Australia.  By the look of it, things have turned for the better as we see a lot of women behind decks in Sydney!

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