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Reclusive producer Burial drops gloomy new EP 'Rival Dealer'

14:39 Aug/27/2014

The mysterioso producer Burial recently hinted that his new EP will be out on December 16. However, it’s come to be that people at Hyperdub moved the dates. ’Rival Dealer’ was released digitally on the label’s site and three of the tracks fot posted to Youtube. Listen below!

Last full length album was released in 2007 when the game-changer ’Untrue’ was treated to fans and new listeners alike. The old school jungle and Detroit techno influence hasn’t gone anywhere though.

The 3-track ’Rival Dealer’ follows the deep and foggy Burial line. Running in 28 minutes total, the listener will go on a journey through steamy jungle, far-away four-four techno and is haunted by the vinyl crackle throughout.

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