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    Location:London, United Kingdom
7468 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



x-press 2 is a DJ from United Kingdom

x-press 2 is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 7468 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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X-Press 2 17 hours ago:
Lovely words from Rob x https://t.co/gyic1Vh4Uj
X-Press 2 1 day ago:
RIP Jose Padilla. Thank you for the music. X
X-Press 2 2 days ago:
The home of @horsemeatdisco, could do with some help. Arts Council: Include The Eagle in the Arts Council Culture R… https://t.co/8VcfIodrA1
X-Press 2 2 days ago:
@JimmyP_LDN @rajkotkeith What Jim said!
X-Press 2 5 days ago:
RT @Problematicdis2: Junior Boys Own shenanigans, Cream - Liverpool ‘94 Farley, Heller, Rocky & Diesel, Clive Henry DJ Pierre + more @t…
X-Press 2 6 days ago:
@terrystuckshop @Problematicdis2 @djpierrephutur That was a messy night. I’ve still got photos. And don’t worry, I won’t be sharing them. 😳
X-Press 2 6 days ago:
RT @theraygun: Watching David Byrne's American Utopia. This'll keep the royalties trickling in @xpre552 #singlazyyoucunt
X-Press 2 6 days ago:
@theraygun 🤣🤣
X-Press 2 7 days ago:
@kerryjeanlister What’s a pussylord???
X-Press 2 1 week ago:
RT @djhistory: https://t.co/4gaP69J5os Last night's show is now up. More all-action goodness from me and special guest Rocky from @xpre552…
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
RT @djhistory: https://t.co/cAp4DKXQU0 This evening why not join us at the Paradise Farage? Membership is free, BYOB (and dancefloor). Door…
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@theraygun 🤣
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@theraygun Same teacher that did the nuddy swimming lessons?
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@theraygun Loved finding out the plural of dominatrix.
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@trevorjofficial "Rosina street off Homerton high street, Camys always be on your mind." 😀
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
RT @shaunwkeaveny: This is EXACTLY the dream i had last night. But then Robert Peston shot at me from a moving Vauxhall Cavalier.
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@MrBrownsEtc @FaithFanzine @F1_AN @Spotify @YouTube Farley’s doing it.
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@DJPAULETTE Bagpipes did me last night.
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@kerryjeanlister I've been making their buns during lockdown. Couldn't believe how much they tasted like the ones f… https://t.co/1rufZTeLOY
X-Press 2 2 weeks ago:
@simonday24 PB big with Larry Levan too. "Larry would break the rules. He would play things and you’d think, “Oooh,… https://t.co/z2MMWglmhN

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