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    Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Brooklyn, NY, United States
2440 official dj-rankings.com

United States



tony touch has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

tony touch is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 2440 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Tony Touch 5 hours ago:
TWITCH TV sound check/visual check now in effect ..twitch.tv/djtonytouch https://t.co/69TNF1zlwP
Tony Touch 23 hours ago:
Clips from last nights FUNKBOX session......swipe left https://t.co/6AwvYgIkWI
Tony Touch 1 day ago:
The homie @dj_stingray will be rockin on the FUNKBOX page at 9pm @funkboxnyc ...then I go on at 10 on my page 🙏🏼 https://t.co/FSJSBj6leN
Tony Touch 2 days ago:
My set at 3pm est on https://t.co/ngheNVu7bf https://t.co/JlPPDKWJHq
Tony Touch 2 days ago:
My set at 3pm est on https://t.co/ngheNVcwjH https://t.co/C0Qkvx0fdC
Tony Touch 3 days ago:
We’re Live! @jansyism is opening up with some Classic Salsa! https://t.co/EHPkqijxCc
Tony Touch 3 days ago:
SURPRISE! Join me and the fam at 8pm est. on @djclarkkent page! https://t.co/BaloTuNo6e
Tony Touch 3 days ago:
They’re back! Get your ORIGINALS snap back hats at our NEW Shopify store. Link in bio or go to… https://t.co/h2fNHY98bT
Tony Touch 4 days ago:
Highlights from last night swipe left...what up @fatjoe! https://t.co/5VIyu7a2mO
Tony Touch 6 days ago:
TUESDAYS! https://t.co/noSL4bJlhf
Tony Touch 6 days ago:
Get ready! #smokeymonkey #monkeyshoulderus https://t.co/GNiYpxv68O
Tony Touch 7 days ago:
It’s #tocatuesdays Get that TOCA gear @ https://t.co/FNpOdIEA6X . Shout out @wonderwomanlicious1 for the support… https://t.co/bxQFwhion7
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
Men at work! Thank you @mark_blendz for the vibes ! Love you Preem!!! https://t.co/sCZ3qwnYnN
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
Happy birthday to my primo @mark_blendz . He’s gonna play a set tonight for Funkbox starting at 9pm on my page ! https://t.co/GDfv54Afg5
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
Gracias @jansyism ! What a set ! https://t.co/YmIP1PYksc
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
We’re live ...go to https://t.co/jc0yHcMu45 https://t.co/bn6g7kejtz
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
Today I will be joined by my brother JANSY @jansyism for some classic salsa! I start at 12 noon est. He will trans… https://t.co/28cJdq7boe
Tony Touch 1 week ago:
😂 https://t.co/p3CDL55S3o
Tony Touch 2 weeks ago:
9pm est .. https://t.co/wtD2CAIT2k
Tony Touch 2 weeks ago:
It’s the 30yr anniversary of my mixtape hustle! Started in 1991 and I’m still at it. Get the full collection at… https://t.co/ZV7S25Pdbl

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