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    Location:Jerusalem, Israel
698 official dj-rankings.com




skazi is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

skazi is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 698 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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BookaShade 2 days ago:
Our new song 'Forest Of Etta' is an invitation to depart on a journey…let us take you on a trip. Around the world &… https://t.co/mrHfgCvmNr
BookaShade 6 days ago:
Premiering New Years Day on @BBCR1 'Pray' is our first release for 2021. It's very hopeful we think, both the vocal… https://t.co/vAz9hu1bbf
BookaShade 1 month ago:
RT @DefectedRecords: #119: @BookaShade - In White Rooms [2006] Chosen by Dejan Petkovski... What a record. ⚪️ 🔥 Playlist: https://t.co/Oi…
BookaShade 1 month ago:
RT @petetong: Tonight at 10pm on @BBCR1. New music from @ericprydz, @prokfitch, @tsha909, @samhollanddj, @BookaShade, @Upercent, @Alexmetri…
BookaShade 1 month ago:
Final release of the year takes us back to the good old times at GPM. Originally released in 2007 on vinyl bootleg,… https://t.co/w6riiKc1rv
BookaShade 3 months ago:
@BookaShade remix @dapayk & @EvaPadbergofficial 'Watching Over You (Booka Shade Remix)' Out now across all digital… https://t.co/843mb5c8tm
BookaShade 4 months ago:
Blaze Of Unity EP OUT NOW! Link in bio. #bookashade #blazeofunity #outnow #blaufieldmusic @ Berlin, Germany https://t.co/2A06UmuorJ
BookaShade 4 months ago:
Our EP ‘Blaze Of Unity’ is out now. Listen/buy here: https://t.co/DUqwaF5CmW https://t.co/coWUYpLKWd
BookaShade 4 months ago:
Our EP ‘Blaze Of Unity’ is out today. Link in bio. #bookashade #blazeofunity #newrelease #blaufieldmusic @ Berlin,… https://t.co/8QMBqloRVu
BookaShade 4 months ago:
Just posted a photo https://t.co/GJl0DpA7cD
BookaShade 4 months ago:
Just posted a photo @ Berlin, Germany https://t.co/gl9uLNku3T
BookaShade 4 months ago:
RT @sashaofficial: Featuring tracks from @CharlottedWitte @BookaShade @ShantiCeleste @absoluteishere @thisisicarus @secretsundaze @JensKuro…
BookaShade 5 months ago:
MORE! 2020 REMIXES OUT NOW! Listen/buy: https://t.co/YVlApoLKSV https://t.co/5gabgTA9ox
BookaShade 6 months ago:
@BookaShade colab with @JanBlomqvist_ on track 'Blaze'. Out today. Listen/buy: https://t.co/jfvmn46ekN #BookaShade… https://t.co/yU0loewwgt
BookaShade 7 months ago:
You said you wanted vinyl and we heard you. Today we are opening pre-orders for 'Dear Future Self' in a double-gate… https://t.co/eAY0lTUtoN
BookaShade 7 months ago:
New single 'To The Sea' feat. @eliandfur inc. remixes by @einmusik, @8Kays_official and @BookaShade. Listen/buy:… https://t.co/eJXapJB4GA
BookaShade 7 months ago:
RT @beatport: Brand new melodic and techno DJ charts from @djtompeters @BookaShade and more 💫https://t.co/I63qHCPo2u https://t.co/dFubMcrfAv
BookaShade 8 months ago:
PERFECT IN A WAY, REMIIXED. Finally the amazing Ben Böhmer remix of 'Perfect In A Way' is available on Blaufield Mu… https://t.co/E0LD43xzpm
BookaShade 8 months ago:
RT @Mixmag: New @BookaShade 🚨 https://t.co/NyEZXWTivL
BookaShade 9 months ago:
New Music Friday. Our new single 'Perfect In A Way' feat. Kaktus Einarsson including a fantastic remix by Casper Co… https://t.co/37O2f9igsr

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