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    Location:Frankfurt, Germany
1792 official dj-rankings.com




ralf gum has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

ralf gum is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 1792 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Ralf GUM #Progressions 1 hour ago:
RT @Sowetogospel: #5 in the top 30 on @THOBELA_FM 💃🏾💃🏾
Ralf GUM #Progressions 2 hours ago:
RT @GOGO_Music_1: „Ramasedi“ – @RalfGUM meeting the wonderful @Sowetogospel Choir is also available on @AppleMusic! https://t.co/Ji14A8ez9V
Ralf GUM #Progressions 2 hours ago:
T H I R D week top 20 on Traxsource and chart support from the likes of Terry Hunter, Louie Vega, David Harness, R… https://t.co/poVmI64jEw
Ralf GUM #Progressions 3 hours ago:
@UNKNOWN_season @mnbu15 @fareastrecordin @JamieJimpster pleasure, great remix
Ralf GUM #Progressions 3 hours ago:
RT @GOGO_Music_1: A Big THANK YOU to @THOBELA_FM for having "Ramasedi" - @RalfGUM meets @Sowetogospel Choir on #5 in their Top 30!!! https:…
Ralf GUM #Progressions 15 hours ago:
RT @Fistaz_T: @RalfGUM #ramasedi 🔥
Ralf GUM #Progressions 16 hours ago:
R E M I X for @originalDjSpen just started now. Sunday night vibes. https://t.co/JhFwONyhEb
Ralf GUM #Progressions 16 hours ago:
@mglenana I don’t have it
Ralf GUM #Progressions 18 hours ago:
Y O U ' V E been asking for it, so here you gogo... My playlist from yesterday's #LockdownHouseParty set. https://t.co/JaV7g3lhQV
Ralf GUM #Progressions 18 hours ago:
RT @InnocentiaMazi3: @RalfGUM has this impeccable ability to have just the right Vocalist for a break up song...and make it like a love son…
Ralf GUM #Progressions 19 hours ago:
RT @RealTumelo_: @RalfGUM feat @iam_sio - Un- Love You ( Ralf Gum Main Mix ) 😭😭😭
Ralf GUM #Progressions 21 hours ago:
S U N D A Y music. Hear the full Main Mix of "Ramasedi" with @Sowetogospel now on youtube. https://t.co/D1GSrM8kQ5
Ralf GUM #Progressions 22 hours ago:
RT @tai_mixshow: Ralf GUM, Soweto Gospel Choir - Ramasedi (Ralf Gum Main Mix) https://t.co/w5X0kezfzc TAISUKE KUROSUMI Mixshow on @oneluvf…
Ralf GUM #Progressions 22 hours ago:
RT @GOGO_Music_1: Check out Ralf's new Chart on @beatport with our new celebrated song “Ramasedi” - @RalfGUM meets @Sowetogospel Choir. htt…
Ralf GUM #Progressions 22 hours ago:
RT @SondloBulelwa: @RalfGUM @encho_dj @lockdownhouse @LeanneRmusic It's this one for me 🙌 https://t.co/ew4neAIzhO
Ralf GUM #Progressions 24 hours ago:
@encho_dj @lockdownhouse @LeanneRmusic
Ralf GUM #Progressions 24 hours ago:
RT @encho_dj: Thank you @RalfGUM for the music you played @lockdownhouse https://t.co/RU68OgOiOT
Ralf GUM #Progressions 1 day ago:
C H A R T S on Traxsource. https://t.co/eF8Pay6bvx
Ralf GUM #Progressions 1 day ago:
RT @ChrisTsotetsi88: LevyM Feat. Benjy & Lizwi - Makukhanye [Ralf GUM Remix] https://t.co/XOQ4TE2d3d
Ralf GUM #Progressions 1 day ago:
RT @radio_babilonia: Now playing Ramasedi (Ralf GUM Main Mix) by Ralf GUM, Soweto Gospel Choir!

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