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    Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
1609 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



mr scruff has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

mr scruff is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 1609 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Mr. Scruff 7 days ago:
An excellent time was had on Saturday at @FreightIsland while we collected for @ReachOut_Com. Annabel Fraser, Lee A… https://t.co/WHdyMAP04R
Mr. Scruff 1 week ago:
@djmarkfarina @freightisland @DJLA77 @ReachOut_Com Why thank you sir. Big shout out to yourself! Hope you’re well
Mr. Scruff 1 week ago:
Now streaming live from @freightisland with Annabel Fraser, Lee Andrews (@DJLA77) and MC Kwasi. Stream here:… https://t.co/8FQyF6O9Tb
Mr. Scruff 3 weeks ago:
Wakey Wakey! Join me today as I creak into the week with my monthly morning 2 hour @worldwidefm show. 9-11am BST...… https://t.co/C24EhP4pD1
Mr. Scruff 1 month ago:
Had a lot of fun making this tune with @OfficialSPRLTV, shout to @ReformRadioMCR & @rhythmlabrecs for getting us in… https://t.co/GqkBSovnsl
Mr. Scruff 2 months ago:
Good morning! Delighted to be back on @worldwidefm today from 9am-11am BST. Creaking into action with new releases… https://t.co/6obCf8z0Oz
Mr. Scruff 2 months ago:
Today we pretend to be in a field for the @moovinfestival live stream. I will be playing a B2B 45’s set with… https://t.co/lvr8leRDgX
Mr. Scruff 2 months ago:
[email protected] have put together an amazing virtual fest with different stages to explore. I’m playing twice today… https://t.co/zWeqoJx7Yn
Mr. Scruff 2 months ago:
Last year’s @weoutherefest was honestly one of the best events I have ever been to, so Kwasi & I are buzzing to be… https://t.co/EgtOQzAdxr
Mr. Scruff 3 months ago:
Having a chat with @jubamusicldn on the DJ-Kicks (@K7records) radio show this afternoon on @worldwidefm from 4pm-6p… https://t.co/NOPBTl2cuF
Mr. Scruff 3 months ago:
About to stream live with the good sir @Mikeydon1 at Manchester's @freightisland. Tune in here from 6pm BST (until… https://t.co/NWiZjEwSzw
Mr. Scruff 3 months ago:
Honoured to be filling in for @gillespeterson on @worldwidefm this morning. I will be creaking into action with an… https://t.co/4FuZ0Pcl4W
Mr. Scruff 4 months ago:
[email protected]'s live streams have been keeping me sane over the last few weeks. Pure energy! Live now: https://t.co/m76s9Q8TCb
Mr. Scruff 4 months ago:
New & timely selections from @SirTallBlackGuy, @YungunAKAessa, Blvck Spade and Blu (@HerFavColor) & @ExileRadio. Al… https://t.co/XK4wt73XAb
Mr. Scruff 5 months ago:
Streaming live tomorrow for @eatwellmcr & @UWSBremen (7pm start, we're on at 10.20pm) with @dovesmusicblog,… https://t.co/XiEoFmnRZR
Mr. Scruff 5 months ago:
The show must be paused: Blackout Tuesday. Take some time out tomorrow to donate, reflect, read, connect, build and… https://t.co/TsHkAGaWRR
Mr. Scruff 5 months ago:
I had a decent natter with the good egg (🥚) Ben Randm (aka @Black_Nicholson) about all sorts of stuff around the cu… https://t.co/yPy8pPwvCs
Mr. Scruff 5 months ago:
Seeing as the sun is out, we have a sale on the Scruff shop. All t-shirts are £10 and £5 from each one will go to t… https://t.co/Bk2dhKsyH6
Mr. Scruff 6 months ago:
Everyone seems to be jumping on the live stream thing, which is great. I’m sure I’ll be doing the same in the next… https://t.co/mxgXEsq3fG
Mr. Scruff 7 months ago:
@sockraates @TIDAL Pleasure. Indeed, be good to get back to NZ at some point. Cheers

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