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    Location:Fort Collins, United States
3075 official dj-rankings.com

United States



michal menert is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

michal menert is performing within the field of Electronica music and is ranked 3075 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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mosstradamus 7 minutes ago:
@roulettedares_ The colors and light work are amazing. Seems like they used a technique of filming through a glass… https://t.co/Au7yHSIozz
mosstradamus 19 minutes ago:
@roulettedares_ Have you seen Mandy?
mosstradamus 19 minutes ago:
@LegalTrapQueen No alarm, I’m up between 5a & 6a. Which isn’t bad when it’s dark at 4:45p.
mosstradamus 27 minutes ago:
@LegalTrapQueen If I make it past 7:30 it’s sleeping in.
mosstradamus 33 minutes ago:
@roulettedares_ Look at their faces, and watch any Nic Cage film where he goes bananas
mosstradamus 1 hour ago:
This last 9% is gonna feel like forever. https://t.co/Le6x4PlA0d
mosstradamus 1 hour ago:
RT @SirVstudios: Thelo-Que gives us a piece of himself, walking you through the deepest and darkest parts of his world... Entirely self pr…
mosstradamus 1 hour ago:
Nicholas Cage would’ve made great Hunter S Thompson
mosstradamus 1 day ago:
@BlockheadNYC @Elaquent He just needs a 404
mosstradamus 2 days ago:
@MOSSY_PROJECTS first single, Last Summer, is now on all streaming platforms. Go shine it through your speakers.… https://t.co/ej0eITHYMs
mosstradamus 2 days ago:
@analogcymatics Just hit all platforms today!
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
@NickKampe Or very low
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
@NickKampe They’re comfortable if they’re fitted right, and the right material
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
Gonna start rocking suits when society becomes a thing again.
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
@KutlwanoKha @WALASIA Do you ship internationally?
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
RT @jakewestmore: Stan Lee On The F Word Credit to Aron fromm https://t.co/JC6LBZcTYS https://t.co/NNwo5hqJHY
mosstradamus 3 days ago:
It’s about to be a @MOSSY_PROJECTS thanksgiving.
mosstradamus 4 days ago:
RT @LeftAccidental: From the 1997 video game, Final Fantasy Tactics https://t.co/74uK36MkXZ
mosstradamus 4 days ago:
Millions of people in this country never got past the “it’s true cuz my dad said so” phase of accepting facts that… https://t.co/zLAzpTv2Ie
mosstradamus 5 days ago:
@davidmweissman Yes. Rebel without Applause.

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