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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Caracas, 25, Venezuela
2330 official dj-rankings.com




laresdj has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

laresdj is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 2330 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Bernardo Lares 2 months ago:
RT @spremacy_ofself: @flybondioficial me habían contado que flybondi era un desastre, así y todo decidí "arriesgarme" y adquirir un vuelo…
Bernardo Lares 3 months ago:
The Complete List of Trump’s Twitter Insults (2015-2021) - The New York Times https://t.co/JqCy4zG9F0
Bernardo Lares 3 months ago:
RT @jguaido: Ante las mentiras del dictador, en la imagen un resumen por lo que debe rendir cuentas a la Justicia: delitos de lesa humanida…
Bernardo Lares 3 months ago:
RT @HenkelGarcia: Oficialmente el chavismo ha visto pasar a Clinton, GW Bush (dos períodos), Obama (dos períodos), Trump y ahora Biden. Seg…
Bernardo Lares 3 months ago:
RT @InformadorVeraz: El dólar paralelo supera los 144.600.000.000.000 Bs (ciento cuarenta y cuatro billones seiscientos mil millones) a pes…
Bernardo Lares 4 months ago:
COVID-19 vaccine “95% effective”: It doesn’t mean what you think it means! – Learning Machines https://t.co/JpH9WBInSy
Bernardo Lares 6 months ago:
RT @filthysounds: #ibiza #summer #Sessions is out now ft tracks from @LaresDJ @tzejax @BrianJaxky @Flatamusic @Maviero1 @markmalle @ISEMGro…
Bernardo Lares 7 months ago:
Venezuela continúa por quinto año consecutivo en el último lugar del Índice de Libertad Económica en el mundo https://t.co/PWTFmo9VeI 😢
Bernardo Lares 7 months ago:
Proud to be published into track #1 on Ibiza Summer Sessions v6, launched last week!! https://t.co/TZa8k1PGRH… https://t.co/s4zGE41pl4
Bernardo Lares 8 months ago:
@eduardodjem Uno se ríe pero e velda https://t.co/k0KyFfkOKz
Bernardo Lares 8 months ago:
RT @monterogabriela: VENEZUELA! Se recuerden del tema de “La Marchantica de Helados EFE”? La melodía quedó grabada en mi memoria como parte…
Bernardo Lares 8 months ago:
RT @coweddle: The new strategy in Venezuela's largest barrio of Petare to fight COVID is, um, unconventional. In nightly roundups, those c…
Bernardo Lares 9 months ago:
@WeAreRLadies Thanks for sharing!! ❤️
Bernardo Lares 9 months ago:
RT @WeAreRLadies: Combining two concepts: Visualizing Data & Machine Learning by @LaresDJ https://t.co/9AE28rhTbO https://t.co/BYghK0X…
Bernardo Lares 9 months ago:
Greatly redacted news every morning talking about global economy and businesses stuff. Really recommended! Oh, and… https://t.co/4T9QF7Rdue
Bernardo Lares 10 months ago:
At last something new in the DJs world, using AI’s magic: Real-Time Stem Separation For Mac & PC Announced In Virtu… https://t.co/b1klpK6SoG
Bernardo Lares 10 months ago:
@R_Graph_Gallery where in your classification trees would you consider this type of plot where you have a ranked fr… https://t.co/Ezqa92FAmO
Bernardo Lares 10 months ago:
@loeanrdo 18
Bernardo Lares 11 months ago:
Excited to V-attend @erum2020_conf Great content, high expectative, and awesome supporters! #erum2020 #covidR #milanoR
Bernardo Lares 1 year ago:
RT @jesuscasique1: 📍Salario Mínimo Bs.250.000 Tipo de Cambio Bs/US$100.980,13 (BCV) Salario mensual $2,5 Salario diario $0,08 📍Bono Semana…

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