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    Location:Oxford, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



hyper is a DJ from United Kingdom

hyper is performing within the field of Breaks music and is ranked 5000 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Hyper 57 minutes ago:
@RichardAlvey Retford. There was that one shop for a few years only
Hyper 13 hours ago:
@EBeauluh Ahhhhh
Hyper 13 hours ago:
@EBeauluh Any reason why? I hear the music is quite good😂👜
Hyper 13 hours ago:
I guess because I bought it while bunking off from school is how...:/
Hyper 13 hours ago:
So ‘Bossanova’ by total legends the Pixies, is THIRTY (30) years old today!?! How?? 🖤👊🎼
Hyper 15 hours ago:
@MrHreviews I hear my music can be helpful for motivation in the gym...(see also speeding tickets:) 🖤👊🎼
Hyper 16 hours ago:
I want Yorkshire Puddings, some half decent sausages or a filthy kebab. ...or all three!! #britabroad #homesick
Hyper 1 day ago:
I say let’s do it! 🖤👊🎼 https://t.co/VN1AndOE6g
Hyper 1 day ago:
@KapoorBrogen @LeCastleVania @Hyper @JohnWickMovie Agree.
Hyper 1 day ago:
You can hear, stream, and buy my soundtrack to the @HyperScapeGame through @ubisoft right now finally!! I hope you… https://t.co/peydMClPHP
Hyper 2 days ago:
Soooo excited about the lead track for new album.. like nothing I’ve done before and yet couldn’t be more me... tha… https://t.co/LSbpLHuMmI
Hyper 3 days ago:
RT @UbisoftMusic: Hello friends! Be sure to check out the new music from the @HyperScapeGame Original Game Soundtrack. Composed by: @djhype…
Hyper 3 days ago:
Newest release from my Hyper Scape game work is available to stream and purchase now!!! 👍🖤🎼👊 Enjoy:) https://t.co/MP6PF8PvJP
Hyper 3 days ago:
Is there a worse accent, portrayed anywhere onscreen, than Don Cheadles English one in the Oceans Franchise?
Hyper 3 days ago:
Some people really ought to start getting their own sound/ideas..
Hyper 3 days ago:
RT @UbisoftMusic: 🎶Hey everyone! We have new music out today from the Hyper Scape Soundtrack! 🎧Available on your prefered stream/download p…
Hyper 3 days ago:
@Yungpain17 @HyperScapeGame Called ‘New Wave’. Up to buy from all usual places!🖤👍🎼👊
Hyper 4 days ago:
Ok, so season 2 is getting slow:/
Hyper 4 days ago:
Tim Roth is one of my favourite actors to watch. I’d take an episode of Tin Star over one of Ozark any day..
Hyper 6 days ago:
@MattBowdler Still out of country. Not guilty..

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